Life is a gift like fresh cut roses

Aw, my favourite family and friend.

The Thief

Sarah Starrenburg gave me a book for Christmas. Like she herself said, books aren’t always easy things to give as presents, but I wish more people gave me books.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak was a really interesting read. It’s set in Nazi Germany and is the story of Leisel. She loses her brother on the way to meeting her new foster family. It’s essentially a tale of her life and how she came to be a book thief.

I found the way the book was written to be so interesting. It took me a little while to catch on, but I realised eventually that the book is narrated by ‘Death’. Which in a way makes for a slightly depressing book, but is also entertaining. I found the book to basically be a big contrast. It showed so much of the cruelty of life, yet so many of the simple joys that life can bring. It was a fiction book, but didn’t read like a fiction book. It’s strange to read a war story from the perspective of a child. It was actually very interesting, yet at the same time I found it to be a book I had to convince myself to read. Extremely well written though. It should definitely be one of those books they force you to study at school. It’s incredibly clever, although it gave so much of the ending away in the very early stages of the book. I really liked it because it’s about books. About Liesel’s fascination with books and words and stealing. It made you so mad at the German’s, even though the entire book is about a German and her German family. It was a good break from my usual reads. I even laughed once or twice. The kind of laugh that happens because the rest of the novel was fairly serious, so it was good to enjoy a bit of comic relief.

3 and a half stars

I Could Write A Book

Firstly, Happy 2010 everyone.

2009 was my year of writer’s block. It wasn’t a great year. Perhaps that showed because Laura Fraser bought me this awesome little book for Christmas called ‘Creative Block – 500 ideas to ignite your imagination’. So I’m going to start using it.

“Write random words. Just type”

And so I shall.

I’ve just moved house. Again. It seems that at this time of year, every year, I am moving house. It’s not a fun thing to be doing in your holidays, so hopefully I won’t be moving at the end of 2010. I’ve moved back home with my mother and sister (let’s see how long I last here, Georgia better not steal my favourite shoes!) and I’m still in the process of setting up my room. Try moving a 4 bedroom house into a tiny room. I have gone from having a queen bed, duchess, big tv cabinet, little tv cabinet, couch and a bedside table all in one room, plus a walk in robe and an ensuite. I now can only fit a King Single Bed, One Tv Cabinet, a Beside Table and a bookshelf. And it’s pretty cramped. My favourite part of the room is not my lovely antique bed that my parents bought me in 2008 for my birthday. Or the cute matching bedside table and mirror that hangs above it. It’s not my now fairly impressive dvd collection, or even my delightfully beautifully large clock that Georgia bought me for my 21st.

You probably guessed it, the favourite part of my room is my bookshelf. I had two bookshelfs at my last place, but I can only fit one into my room now. I’ve never had a bookshelf in my room before and I really love it. It’s right next to my bed and it means I can’t really fit past on one side of my bed, but I really love that it’s in reaching distance from my bed. It means that when I finish one book in the wee hours of the night, I can just reach over, put it back, and grab another one. I also really love, that the bookshelf is full. And full of books that I actually own, not that books that I’ve borrowed out from the library, or stolen from my Dad to bulk up the collection. I love the variety of books too. I’ve got lots of historial fiction trilogies. The Chronicles of Narnia sets. Jane Austen’s. Christian Self Help Books Galore. Scary books. Romance. A decent collection of Anne of Green Gables. Some travel books. Twilight. Fashion books.

I do have a problem though. As I said before, my bookshelf is full. I’ve actually had to stuff a few of the lamer books underneath the bed to make sure all the good books fit. I don’t know what to do when I buy another book. In fact I know I have two books on order from Amazon, so I’m not sure where they will go. And I just realised I didn’t factor in the book I’m reading at the moment. What a delightful problem to have though! When I’m older, and hopefully a lot wealthier, I’m going to have a library in my house. Which means of course, that I’ll be wealthy enough to fill the library with actual books. I was talking to someone the other day about books, she’s only owns a few books and borrows everything else from the library and through book clubs and swapping books with friends. I wonder why it is that some people like to buy their books and some people don’t care to own them, they just want the joy of reading the book and then being done with it.

Perhaps. Perhaps it is because I will often read a good novel more than once. I’ve read Arabian Winds (one of my favourites) at least 4 times. So I’m really glad I own that one. Perhaps I like the idea that by having a lot of novels in my home, I appear well read. I’ve hardly read anywhere near the amount of books I want to read, even for my age. But I feel owning books makes you seem smarter. Perhaps I just love to look at books. Before I went through all my books, and pulled them out a tiny bit, so they were all roughly level with each other when you look down the book case. I like how they look all even. Although the great thing about novels in the different shapes and sizes they come in. So perhaps when I get sick of it, I’ll go and push them up flush with the bookshelf and marvel at all the different heights and widths. Perhaps it’s a romantic notion of mine. Romantic isn’t actually the right word to use, but I’m drawing a blank at what the best word to use would be right now? Some of my favourite scenes in movies are in libraries. Beauty & the Beast, Becoming Jane. Wait, let’s talk about Beauty and the Beast for a moment. The Beast gives Bell a library as a gift! Now I am a gifts person, as well as a books person. And that’s a big hint to anyone who’s ever trying to impress me. I would have fallen in love right then and there. I think I cried a little bit in Transformers 2 when the crazy robot Home and Away chick is coming to attack what’s his name. And they hide in the uni library. The library totally gets blown to pieces and you can see books flying around the place, catching on fire. I love books, I love libraries, I love reading.

Hmm.. I obviously love writing as well. That wasn’t as hard as I thought.

This year is the year of regular blogging, much book reading and generally just enjoying life more.

Oh.. and many other serious, life changing type things of course.