All my loving

Websites I’m really enjoying lately..

Jimmy Choo

Readers of my blog should know by now that I’m a pretty massive Jimmy Choo fan. But I’ve actually never really spent tonnes of times on their website. Maybe for good reason. It makes me a little bit depressed at how lovely everything is. It’s on my list of things to do before I’m 30, own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I don’t know how I will ever afford it, but it’s still a goal. Part of me feels like a superficial ditz who is really too obsessed with fashion and fashion related things, the other part thinks.. no.. this is beautiful art, not just shoes.


I found this website the other day. It’s just a bunch of articles in different categories, but it saves just googling around looking for things. It’s meant to help de-clutter your life and help out etc. It has yet to really influence my life in a meangingful way, but it’s good for something different to read in a lunch hour.

The Sartorialist

Most fashionista’s (never used that word before in my life) would know about this one. So so very good. And such regular posting.

Toni Snell Photography

I think I’ve linked to Toni Snell’s blog before, but it’s because I really like her. My best friend Bec is getting married in 2 weeks and Toni Snell is her photographer. I think it’ll be kind of like meeting a celebrity, I get really star struck and make a bit of an idiot of myself. Because I’m such a fan of her work I think it will be a little bit like when I saw Hamish and Andy. I was a real idiot.

The Cherry Blossom Girl

This site is also a recent find but I really love it. From what I can gather, the author is the model and she’s just stunning. Really romantic sort of clothing which is the kind of stuff I just love. The pictures are also really beautiful, great settings and poses etc. You should take a look! The only real bummer about this site is that a lot of it is in French. It makes you feel cultured though, there’s also a translation which helps!

Stuff Christians Like

Always a favourite of mine. I love good Christian humour. It’s hard to find, but this is definitely it.

Of the day

Quote: “Don’t apologise. If you’re going to be late, at least be late with conviction.” Milton Fine from Smallville


Word: Bandicoot


Lisa Mitchell – Valium

Sometimes your  love it’s so pretty, I just wanna sink in

And sometimes your heart, well it’s so pretty, I just wanna live there

Sometimes you love is so quiet, I don’t even need to speak

Sometimes you heart is so loud, I can’t even hear the beat


Snack: Cupcakes

The Setting Sun

It’s a vast sea of colours. Pink, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow. If you squint it looks like someone squirted many tubes of paint onto a canvas and smeared them all together. The intensity of the colours is only overtaken by the sound that grows louder and louder the closer I get to the street.

Passion. Anger. It’s a protest.

What are they protesting? It’s a passing thought as my focus is on getting back to that spot in the pavement. That slightly uneven spot in the pavement where I stumbled earlier. I must have dropped it there. I must have. Why is the pavement uneven? Is there perhaps a root underneath that is uplifting the cement? It too a passing thought as I push past women, children.

Fear. Regret. A really big mistake.

He warned me not to even bring it with me. Where are all the men? The ragged thumping near my chest grows as I edge closer and closer to the fountain. Thump. Thump. Silence. A small boy squatting with something in his fingers.

Passion. Anger. It’s a protest.

Perhaps on instinct, he turns. Maybe 6, dark curly hair, eyes that dance. Why is he running? I tell my brain to tell my feet to run after him but nothing happens. It’s like a dream and my legs are filled with cement. How can the boy know it’s value. I yell out stop as I try and remember the local language.

Fear. Regret. A really big mistake

This mistake was the misjudgment of distance. Add red to the list of colours on show as warm blood spills onto yet another bump in the pavement. It must be a uplifted root. The child is gone. Around a corner?  Hiding behind a sign marked ‘NO MORE..’. What is this protest? Salty tears. Broken sobs.

Love is like a letter wrote

Lately I’ve realised that maybe it is a blessing to be a girl. Experiencing so many emotions all at once is a real gift. Especially when all the emotions are amazing.

When you purchase a hat, you should really check to see if it fits you.

The other night I felt the happiest I’d been in a long time. I expressed it by acting like a total weirdo who laughed a lot.

Popcorn is rather amazing. I mean, it’s corn kernels, one their own not so delicious, popped.. goodness.

It’s really nice to spend a nice amount on some clothing, but the $6 skirt should not be underestimated.

Love is really lovely.

People really should write letters more often. I used to write letters quite a lot. Maybe I’ll start again.

It’s hard to be healthy when you really love chocolate.

I have over 10 perfumes right now. Would you believe some days I forget to wear it?

Jesus is really funny. Like I mean, he’s hilarious.

Did you know that the Pentagon is making video games?

The other day I accidentally download a song twice, well a really similar version of a song, so I may as well have two copies.

I love that it is now the kind of weather where you can wear cardigans because it’s cold, not just to be more modest?

I’m in that in between haircuts stage, my hair is really really thick. It’s unfortunate. But not as unfortunate as having no hair.

Kate Churcher is a really really awesome lady. So is her sister, and mother, her dad is also not bad.

I’m becoming a person who can take advice now, especially if it’s good advice and given well.

Compliments are like.. big fat awesome hugs. Who doesn’t love those?

Speaking of hugs. I think I’m getting better at them.

I watched Jane Austen Book Club the other day. I think I’d like to be a part of a book club.. I think..

I’m really enjoying milk as a drink.

There’s this book I started reading back in January. I need to finish it.

I’m really love life right now.

What if we went to Italy

Tegan and I have been watching a lot of movies lately. For some reason we just seem to be in the mood. Tegan says it’s because she never really gets to sit down and just watch movies. Frankly.. I watch a lot of movies all the time.. I really like movies. We’re watching this movie set in Italy. And boy does a good movie set in Italy make you want to visit Italy. Was it is about Italy. Is it the food? The men? The scenery? The art? For me it’s the food I think. Or the scenery. How can you actually be in love with a place you’ve never been to? I think you can’t really be in love with someone you don’t really know, or have never met before. So can you be in love with a place you’ve never been to?

I’ve been thinking about it for a little while now. And I’ve come to a conclusion. No. I think maybe you can be in lust with a place you’ve never been to. Or in deep infatuation. But not love. I think love is one of those things that is mutual. For you to be IN love, it has to be returned..

I think that I’m in love with Italy. I really like gelato, pizza and coffee. I like the language. I like the colours. The architecture. I think it’s all really beautiful. But I am loving, or crushing I should probably say, at Italy from a distance. One day, I will actually go there. Maybe I should live there for a little bit. See if Italy loves me back. I think that it probably will. It will probably be pretty epic actually.

Yup.. I think Italy and I will get along just fine.