Love is like a letter wrote

Lately I’ve realised that maybe it is a blessing to be a girl. Experiencing so many emotions all at once is a real gift. Especially when all the emotions are amazing.

When you purchase a hat, you should really check to see if it fits you.

The other night I felt the happiest I’d been in a long time. I expressed it by acting like a total weirdo who laughed a lot.

Popcorn is rather amazing. I mean, it’s corn kernels, one their own not so delicious, popped.. goodness.

It’s really nice to spend a nice amount on some clothing, but the $6 skirt should not be underestimated.

Love is really lovely.

People really should write letters more often. I used to write letters quite a lot. Maybe I’ll start again.

It’s hard to be healthy when you really love chocolate.

I have over 10 perfumes right now. Would you believe some days I forget to wear it?

Jesus is really funny. Like I mean, he’s hilarious.

Did you know that the Pentagon is making video games?

The other day I accidentally download a song twice, well a really similar version of a song, so I may as well have two copies.

I love that it is now the kind of weather where you can wear cardigans because it’s cold, not just to be more modest?

I’m in that in between haircuts stage, my hair is really really thick. It’s unfortunate. But not as unfortunate as having no hair.

Kate Churcher is a really really awesome lady. So is her sister, and mother, her dad is also not bad.

I’m becoming a person who can take advice now, especially if it’s good advice and given well.

Compliments are like.. big fat awesome hugs. Who doesn’t love those?

Speaking of hugs. I think I’m getting better at them.

I watched Jane Austen Book Club the other day. I think I’d like to be a part of a book club.. I think..

I’m really enjoying milk as a drink.

There’s this book I started reading back in January. I need to finish it.

I’m really love life right now.


3 thoughts on “Love is like a letter wrote

  1. LOVE this 🙂

    and I totally agree about the letters thing. I love letters. They are one of my most favourite things!

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