Tonight I cartwheeled in a car park

Tonight I prayed

Tonight I caught up with an old friend

Tonight I belted out old classic songs in the car

Tonight I did an ice-cream run

Tonight I cleaned my room

Tonight I affected destiny

Tonight I cleaned out my wallet and my handbag

Tonight I blogged

Tonight I laughed with good good friends

Tonight I awkwardly side-hugged

I did a lot of things tonight that I hope to do a lot more often. Except cartwheels should be done on grass, not on gravely carpark stuff.

Can’t help it if I space in a daze, my eyes turn out the other way.

I may switch off and go in a daydream.

In this head my thoughts are deep, sometimes I can’t even speak.

Would someone be and not pretend, I’m off again in my world..

Avril Lavigne


2 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. i love the layout too!! i read your blog through google reader so i dont normally see layouts, but then decided to go to the real thing just then…LOVE 🙂

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