Wrapped up in books

The Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follett

I finished a book. For me, this was actually an accomplishment. It’s not that I don’t read a fair bit. This one just seemed to really.. take longer than I thought. I really thought I would never finish it. I’m not actually sure why it took so long. It was a good read. Maybe because I knew it was a big book. Maybe because I knew it wasn’t my typical read. Whatever the case, I heaved a big sigh of relief when I turned that last page.

Pillars of the Earth is very cleverly written. The story spans over decades with many different stories and characters all weaved together to create what is truly brilliant writing. I truly hated the antagonist William Hamleigh. I really wanted that cathedral to be built and for justice to finally be served. I cringed each time someone had their head chopped off. I rallied with the town of Kinsbridge. I wanted Aliena to find Jack. I enjoyed the architectural aspect. I really liked Prior Philip. Tom Builder to me seems like a silly name for a person, especially cos he was a builder. I don’t care if that’s how they did it back in the day. So much of the storyline isn’t completed until the very very end of this book which added to it’s mystery.

I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. It’s kind of got more sex and violence than I like in any of my novels. But it’s truly written so well that I sort of want people to read it. So, at least I’ve warned you. I was warned when I read it.

four stars

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