Manhattan in the Sky

Jewel in the Evening Sky – MaryAnn Minatra

I don’t seem to have time for blogging these days, but I do seem to have time for reading. So I can guess I can blog about reading.

I knocked this book over in about a week. It was well written and fit right into the kind of book I really love to read.

Set in Germany & Poland, it’s based over several years, starting before the war. It’s essentially about three different couples and how their stories intertwine. It’s about family loyalty, love, what is right and what is wrong, fighting to stay alive, justice, power. With Hitler himself as an actual character in this novel, it’s quite epically written. I love how the stories didn’t start off together, but by the end every character was playing an integral part in the others life. It’s a good story about faith and searching for identity in a time where you were forced to conform.

I liked it. Then again I’m partial to any historical christian novel.

four stars


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