Every now and then I go through a phase with my blog.. where I get very dissatisfied and the joy of writing seems to wane.

I think part of the reason that I find it dissapointing is that I feel a good blog often has a theme to it. Like a fashion blog might have the ‘what I wore today’ aspect, something that bloggers come back to read cos they are kinda expecting it.. and I find the need to want a theme of sorts. For a while I tried the ‘monthly summaries’.. and for now (because who knows whether I’ll ever repear this again).. my new segment is “Introducing..”

Introducing The world in Colour a blog by Georgia Harvison.

As soon as I realised that Georgia had started a blog, I think I actually jumped with excitement! I typed the link in so quick and did a quick overall perusal and then got into the posts. Only 5 posts young and I want more out of this blog.

I think Georgia is extremely talented, intelligent, fashionable and I just knew I’d enjoy a blog from her. So many people start blogs and never follow through.. and it is hard.. you’re talking to 5 years of picking up and putting down  and picking up the blog. I hope Georgia is a dedicated blogger – for my own selfish reasons. She should probably get a tumblr too, so I can see all the fashion people she’d follow and then I could follow them too!


this blog drains me sometimes. no offence.

and while i’m still finding a decent amount of free time at work, i’m giving tumblr a try. it’s much shorter and i find it much easier to post cos I don’t feel the pressure of it.

so you can check out my tumblr account out if you like – sorry wordpress!


Quite accidentally, I’ve been on a university break for the last year.

I meant to enrol for subjects.. and actually just forgot, twice. I realised that if I didn’t enrol again this semester, I might never do it. I do want to finish this degree – maybe before 2020 – so I made sure I enrolled. Left it to the first day I officially started my degree but that’s not really important.

I think maybe I’ve never really realised how fortunate I am. I mean I have moments when I realise it, during a compassion tv ad or something like that. But I can’t believe that I can so easily educate myself. I think learning is such a valid part of life. If I could afford it, I’d probably be a full time student forever. I enjoy learning. I take a strange sort of pleasure in it.

However, I do not like assessment. I wish universities trusted me enough that I knew the material. Like maybe they pull us in for a conversation over coffee and chat about what I learnt throughout the semester. This post is basically just a warning. Either that I’ll be MIA for the next 6 months.. or you are about to get a ridiculous amount of blogging out of me. Fun facts about Marketing or Crisis Management or an amazing amount of fashion blogging.

Also.. I think I forgot how to reference. Remind me to never forget to enrol again. I could be 2 and half years down out of my 6 instead of just 1 and a half.

Clean white love

I took these snaps over the last day or two.. just a bit of photo loving from the iPhone.


I love post its. It’s kind of fun to make an accordian with your post its.

I love friends and friends birthdays and friends birthdays by the fire.

I love cheap new work shoes that feel like flats but have a heel.

I love how perfectly my furniture matches my new house, I also love photos.

Over thinking

All the status updates you can’t fit into twitter or facebook…

Steffany has a super sore nose from blowing her nose way too much

Steffany is having a rather nice relationship with her post it notes

Steffany is pumped for the weekend!

Steffany wishes her new house wasn’t so close to 24 hr roadworks!

Steffany discovered how much listening to her own music can affect her mood at work

Steffany loves how her travel time to work is now halved

Steffany thinks it’s bizaar how normally I don’t like vege soup – but when I’m sick – I want it all the time.

Steffany is living life with no regrets

Steffany is wishing Rachel Jensen the happiest of birthdays.

Steffany always writes the word from instead of form.

Steffany wishes people wouldn’t ‘reply all’ to group facebook messages unless it was actually necessary