Over thinking

All the status updates you can’t fit into twitter or facebook…

Steffany has a super sore nose from blowing her nose way too much

Steffany is having a rather nice relationship with her post it notes

Steffany is pumped for the weekend!

Steffany wishes her new house wasn’t so close to 24 hr roadworks!

Steffany discovered how much listening to her own music can affect her mood at work

Steffany loves how her travel time to work is now halved

Steffany thinks it’s bizaar how normally I don’t like vege soup – but when I’m sick – I want it all the time.

Steffany is living life with no regrets

Steffany is wishing Rachel Jensen the happiest of birthdays.

Steffany always writes the word from instead of form.

Steffany wishes people wouldn’t ‘reply all’ to group facebook messages unless it was actually necessary


2 thoughts on “Over thinking

  1. Steffany is extraordinarily gifted.
    Steffany has awesome hair and also awesome hair styling skills.
    Steffany plays a tyrannical ruler that brings the house down.
    Steffany is a wonderful friend.
    Steffany is going to change the world!

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