Quite accidentally, I’ve been on a university break for the last year.

I meant to enrol for subjects.. and actually just forgot, twice. I realised that if I didn’t enrol again this semester, I might never do it. I do want to finish this degree – maybe before 2020 – so I made sure I enrolled. Left it to the first day I officially started my degree but that’s not really important.

I think maybe I’ve never really realised how fortunate I am. I mean I have moments when I realise it, during a compassion tv ad or something like that. But I can’t believe that I can so easily educate myself. I think learning is such a valid part of life. If I could afford it, I’d probably be a full time student forever. I enjoy learning. I take a strange sort of pleasure in it.

However, I do not like assessment. I wish universities trusted me enough that I knew the material. Like maybe they pull us in for a conversation over coffee and chat about what I learnt throughout the semester. This post is basically just a warning. Either that I’ll be MIA for the next 6 months.. or you are about to get a ridiculous amount of blogging out of me. Fun facts about Marketing or Crisis Management or an amazing amount of fashion blogging.

Also.. I think I forgot how to reference. Remind me to never forget to enrol again. I could be 2 and half years down out of my 6 instead of just 1 and a half.


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