Over the hills and far away

Yesterday I went for a walk outside. I don’t normally do this at work, but I’m thinking I probably should. Not only is it probably good for my body to get a tiny bit of exercise, but it takes my eyes away from the computer screen – which is always good.

I often will walk up and down the main street, but today I took a slightly different road. It wasn’t too remote or anything like that, but just a different street I’d never walked down before. I’m walking along, quite pleasantly when I all of a sudden realise I’m walking up a hill. I look ahead and realise I didn’t notice the heal from earlier on. I arrived at the top, a little puffed but glad to achieve something during a lunch break.

I took a moment to stop and see where I had come from. I looked at the hill I had conquered – then look forward to the easy downhill walk back home. Twas then I realised that while I had a downward slope for some of the journey, there was a hill that I’d missed on the first trip. A downhill slope I didn’t even realise until I had to climb back up it.

I didn’t enjoy the hill or take advantage of it when it was easy – but I definitely noticed the pain of the hill when it was hard. Life is hard, but it often has it’s easier moments. Breathing periods. They don’t always happen often, but you have to enjoy them when you can. Take note of when the hill feels easy rather than only remembering when the hill was difficult. Realise when life is sweet and good and pure – and then remember how much weight you loose or how much muscle you gain from when life is difficult.

So this is love


I guess you could say I am a decent disney fan. For my 21st birthday on my list of things that I wanted as a gift – I wanted someone to make me a Disney Classics Gift Box. You can’t buy them in store, and it’s even difficult to make your own, as Disney only release a certain amount of movies each year and then they take them off the shelves. So some planning and thought would have had to have gone into the gift. And while I got so many great things, I didn’t get what I’ve wanted for a long time. Cinderella was definitely one of the most watched. All the other movies I can normally pick what it is I loved most about them, like I can tell why it is a certain movie was a favourite. But Cinderella is just a classic – and my little brain obviously realised that and latched on. I think maybe it was just her dress – how delightful – and a black choker necklace – who knew!


I’ve always kinda hated the fact that basically anyone can have your wordpress theme..

So today I went searching.. I’m introducing my new theme today. It’s not entirely one of a kind – but so much close to what I want. Now just to get around to getting a domain name!

Pet Peeves

Top Ten Pet Peeves of an Office Receptionist

  1. When a colleague repetively asks for you to “hold their calls”
  2. Always being interupted for projects you are working on with the phone. You can’t hold your calls if you’re a receptionist.
  3. Needing relief for lunch breaks and bathroom visits. It’s especially bad if you need to go a lot – everyone knows about it.
  4. Phone callers who won’t answer where they are from or where they work or what it’s in regards to. “Just tell them it’s Ben” is annoying when you’re just following telephone procedures.
  5. Telemarketers you can’t hang up on. Door to door salespeople you can’t hide from.
  6. Phone callers who make bad jokes like. “How are you today” “Good thanks” “Yeah you’re looking pretty good too” – Stupids, you can’t see me! I’ve heard this joke before!
  7. People stealing your pens. Hole punch. Stapler. Etc. Just send me a request and I’ll order those items for you.
  8. Despite the “wash up after yourself” sign – receptionists always end up washing up people’s disgusting lunch leftovers.
  9. Colleagues who lie and then ask you to lie. “Just tell them I’m in a meeting.” How about – just take your phone calls!
  10. Being a receptionist. Full stop.

Actually don’t hate my job – just some observations I managed to make on a not so great day.

If you are a culprit of any of the above – stop it. Just stop it.

Love all receptionists, past, present and future. xo


If you live in Brisbane, Australia – you probably had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning. It started raining last night as I fell asleep and was still raining when I woke up again this morning. I don’t know about you – but I like to sleep when it rains. I’m not exactly sure whether it’s the rain itself that actually makes you want to sleep, or whether we’ve convinced ourselves over time that sleeping to the sound of rain is relaxing. Either way – I want to do it all the time and sometimes I catch myself praying “Jesus, make it rain while I try to sleep tonight”. Naturally I find it difficult to sleep – so I think perhaps this prayer isn’t too ridiculous.

This morning I wanted to snuggle. Not with any person, but with my doona. I wanted to snuggle deep deep down, perhaps lift the cover over my head and just lie there. I don’t know if I even wanted to sleep, but I definitely didn’t want to get up. You know how some kids sleep right down in the bottom of their beds, they roll up into a ball with the doona all around them and just lie there. It’s pure delight.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much everyday life relates to Jesus. Lately all I feel like doing is snuggling deep deep down into the presence of God. Pulling the covers over my head, curling into a ball, immersing myself into his sweetness while the reign of heaven pours down all around me.

When it rains, I like to lie in bed under the covers. But sometimes, I like to do the very opposite. One day, maybe a year ago, it poured rain. Maybe for about 10 minutes, but it was some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever ever heard. Whenever I run in the rain, it makes me laugh. I tend to giggle a bit. I’m not exactly sure what’s funny about the fact that you’re clothes are now going to have that wet damp smell, or your hair is going to immediately fluff and frizz – but I laugh all the same. So on this particular Saturday, housemates all out and busy doing things. I changed into an old pair of clothes and ran barefoot out the front door. Instantly I was soaked. I cacked myself laughing. I ran all the way down the end of the driveway and back.. the rain was so thick and heavy that it didn’t even take long to achieve what I’d set out for, pure joy and delight. I left big puddles all throughout the house as I made my way to get a towel.

Not only do I think the presence of God can be described like snuggling in bed on a Saturday morning – but I think it’s also like a big run in the rain. It’s crazy and a little bit stupid – but it makes you so happy. Sometimes it’s about enagaging and actively immersing yourslef in the holy reign.

I think there’s no right or wrong way to experience God’s presence. But I really hope you’re getting a varied experience of the sweetest thing around. Next time it rains, snuggle deep down in the covers with Jesus and let fear, guilt and the worst stuff about life melt away. Next time it rain, run around outside and get soaked, saturated and let God’s joy overtake you.

In the glory of your presence, I find rest for my soul

In the depths of your love, I find peace, makes me whole

I love, I love, I love your presence

Running in Raining by Kentoku


Little Lyrics

Music is SUCH a powerful medium. Those who have that gift are lucky indeed.

Music that’s been meaning something to me lately…

Anberlin – A Whisper and a Clamor

For most who live and breathe, hell is never knowing who they are now. Tell me who you are now.

It’s not the lies that you sing – but what the silence will scream.


Snow Patrol – Make this go on forever

The weight of water, the way you told me to look past everything I had ever learned

And I don’t know where to look, my words just break and melt, please just save me from this darkness.


Paramore – Crush Crush Crush

They taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies. You little spies.


Hillsong Live – This is love

All creation will bow as one, lift their eyes see the risen Son.

Let our voices rise and sing for all He’s done. Our fear is overcome. Our God is love.


AND just loving Yellow Brick Road by Angus and Julia Stone.

If ever anyone needed to convince me into loving them, just sit and play and sing me that song over and over.



2 weeks ago I started watching Alias and I’m already half way through the entire series.

I’ve been using the work photocopier to print out uni notes.

I actually had a dream the other night about Zac Efron.

Sometimes I worry that I think a lot more about clothes and shoes than I do about Jesus.

But.. I really do love Jesus.

Really going through a stage where I appreciate my girlfriends.

I really enjoy snacking on frozen peas.

I hate most heeled ankle boots.

Right now. I’m loving tumblr more than I love wordpress. But at least I’m honest.

Last week, I think I had a maxibon ice-cream, nearly every day.

I miss reverb.

I miss my best friend.

I honestly don’t like any boys – but am struggling not to flirt with randoms, like the Subway guy.

For the last six months I didn’t display the correct registration sticker

I believe in a thing called love.

I’m yet to complete anything off my List of 100 things to do while I’m still Single.

I listen to the Jonas Brothers.

I’m shocked when I get uni marks back and I did well.

My showers always take more than 15 minutes. Sometimes 20. Every day.

I care more about what is right than what looks right.

I think Laura should be getting paid for her blog and Emily should be getting paid for her art.

I often forget about other people’s feelings and focus on my own.

I like writing about myself.

Winter Cocktail

I’m going to a 21st party tonight with the dress code winter cocktail. I’ve been thinking about winter cocktail and decided to google. Results:

This is basically everything I would rather be wearing. Even though I can’t own them or wear them, being able to glimpse at these delicious options.. is better than nothing at all.


Have you ever stopped and just listened?

Right now. Stop. Listen.

For me it’s the clittity clattery sound of fingers moving across a keyboard. A car driving past on the main road outside. Footsteps. Someone flipping a page. Bangles clinking together. Air Conditioning. It’s quite amazing what you can hear when you really listen. All I can normally hear is the phone ringing, voices chatting in the next office, the photo-copier jamming. I wasn’t even taking notice of all those sounds until I stopped, and listened. And now  – it’s actually all I can hear.

I think the voice of God is EXACTLY like that. The voice is always there, always speaking, always making noise. But life is making a little bit too much excess noise. I think thought – the more times you stop & listen. The more obvious God’s voice is. The more you hear that over the top of the noise.

I’ll never truly block out the noise.. we live on an earthly world.. and have earthly jobs and earthly relationships – but I can turn up the volume so to speak on the spiritual background noise.