Have you ever stopped and just listened?

Right now. Stop. Listen.

For me it’s the clittity clattery sound of fingers moving across a keyboard. A car driving past on the main road outside. Footsteps. Someone flipping a page. Bangles clinking together. Air Conditioning. It’s quite amazing what you can hear when you really listen. All I can normally hear is the phone ringing, voices chatting in the next office, the photo-copier jamming. I wasn’t even taking notice of all those sounds until I stopped, and listened. And now  – it’s actually all I can hear.

I think the voice of God is EXACTLY like that. The voice is always there, always speaking, always making noise. But life is making a little bit too much excess noise. I think thought – the more times you stop & listen. The more obvious God’s voice is. The more you hear that over the top of the noise.

I’ll never truly block out the noise.. we live on an earthly world.. and have earthly jobs and earthly relationships – but I can turn up the volume so to speak on the spiritual background noise.


4 thoughts on “Stop

  1. I can hear the washing machine, a builder, a little bird, footsteps of my sister, someone playing a drum.

    This post was my devotional for today. You should write a book 🙂

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