If you live in Brisbane, Australia – you probably had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning. It started raining last night as I fell asleep and was still raining when I woke up again this morning. I don’t know about you – but I like to sleep when it rains. I’m not exactly sure whether it’s the rain itself that actually makes you want to sleep, or whether we’ve convinced ourselves over time that sleeping to the sound of rain is relaxing. Either way – I want to do it all the time and sometimes I catch myself praying “Jesus, make it rain while I try to sleep tonight”. Naturally I find it difficult to sleep – so I think perhaps this prayer isn’t too ridiculous.

This morning I wanted to snuggle. Not with any person, but with my doona. I wanted to snuggle deep deep down, perhaps lift the cover over my head and just lie there. I don’t know if I even wanted to sleep, but I definitely didn’t want to get up. You know how some kids sleep right down in the bottom of their beds, they roll up into a ball with the doona all around them and just lie there. It’s pure delight.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much everyday life relates to Jesus. Lately all I feel like doing is snuggling deep deep down into the presence of God. Pulling the covers over my head, curling into a ball, immersing myself into his sweetness while the reign of heaven pours down all around me.

When it rains, I like to lie in bed under the covers. But sometimes, I like to do the very opposite. One day, maybe a year ago, it poured rain. Maybe for about 10 minutes, but it was some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever ever heard. Whenever I run in the rain, it makes me laugh. I tend to giggle a bit. I’m not exactly sure what’s funny about the fact that you’re clothes are now going to have that wet damp smell, or your hair is going to immediately fluff and frizz – but I laugh all the same. So on this particular Saturday, housemates all out and busy doing things. I changed into an old pair of clothes and ran barefoot out the front door. Instantly I was soaked. I cacked myself laughing. I ran all the way down the end of the driveway and back.. the rain was so thick and heavy that it didn’t even take long to achieve what I’d set out for, pure joy and delight. I left big puddles all throughout the house as I made my way to get a towel.

Not only do I think the presence of God can be described like snuggling in bed on a Saturday morning – but I think it’s also like a big run in the rain. It’s crazy and a little bit stupid – but it makes you so happy. Sometimes it’s about enagaging and actively immersing yourslef in the holy reign.

I think there’s no right or wrong way to experience God’s presence. But I really hope you’re getting a varied experience of the sweetest thing around. Next time it rains, snuggle deep down in the covers with Jesus and let fear, guilt and the worst stuff about life melt away. Next time it rain, run around outside and get soaked, saturated and let God’s joy overtake you.

In the glory of your presence, I find rest for my soul

In the depths of your love, I find peace, makes me whole

I love, I love, I love your presence

Running in Raining by Kentoku


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