Pet Peeves

Top Ten Pet Peeves of an Office Receptionist

  1. When a colleague repetively asks for you to “hold their calls”
  2. Always being interupted for projects you are working on with the phone. You can’t hold your calls if you’re a receptionist.
  3. Needing relief for lunch breaks and bathroom visits. It’s especially bad if you need to go a lot – everyone knows about it.
  4. Phone callers who won’t answer where they are from or where they work or what it’s in regards to. “Just tell them it’s Ben” is annoying when you’re just following telephone procedures.
  5. Telemarketers you can’t hang up on. Door to door salespeople you can’t hide from.
  6. Phone callers who make bad jokes like. “How are you today” “Good thanks” “Yeah you’re looking pretty good too” – Stupids, you can’t see me! I’ve heard this joke before!
  7. People stealing your pens. Hole punch. Stapler. Etc. Just send me a request and I’ll order those items for you.
  8. Despite the “wash up after yourself” sign – receptionists always end up washing up people’s disgusting lunch leftovers.
  9. Colleagues who lie and then ask you to lie. “Just tell them I’m in a meeting.” How about – just take your phone calls!
  10. Being a receptionist. Full stop.

Actually don’t hate my job – just some observations I managed to make on a not so great day.

If you are a culprit of any of the above – stop it. Just stop it.

Love all receptionists, past, present and future. xo

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