So this is love


I guess you could say I am a decent disney fan. For my 21st birthday on my list of things that I wanted as a gift – I wanted someone to make me a Disney Classics Gift Box. You can’t buy them in store, and it’s even difficult to make your own, as Disney only release a certain amount of movies each year and then they take them off the shelves. So some planning and thought would have had to have gone into the gift. And while I got so many great things, I didn’t get what I’ve wanted for a long time. Cinderella was definitely one of the most watched. All the other movies I can normally pick what it is I loved most about them, like I can tell why it is a certain movie was a favourite. But Cinderella is just a classic – and my little brain obviously realised that and latched on. I think maybe it was just her dress – how delightful – and a black choker necklace – who knew!


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