Over the hills and far away

Yesterday I went for a walk outside. I don’t normally do this at work, but I’m thinking I probably should. Not only is it probably good for my body to get a tiny bit of exercise, but it takes my eyes away from the computer screen – which is always good.

I often will walk up and down the main street, but today I took a slightly different road. It wasn’t too remote or anything like that, but just a different street I’d never walked down before. I’m walking along, quite pleasantly when I all of a sudden realise I’m walking up a hill. I look ahead and realise I didn’t notice the heal from earlier on. I arrived at the top, a little puffed but glad to achieve something during a lunch break.

I took a moment to stop and see where I had come from. I looked at the hill I had conquered – then look forward to the easy downhill walk back home. Twas then I realised that while I had a downward slope for some of the journey, there was a hill that I’d missed on the first trip. A downhill slope I didn’t even realise until I had to climb back up it.

I didn’t enjoy the hill or take advantage of it when it was easy – but I definitely noticed the pain of the hill when it was hard. Life is hard, but it often has it’s easier moments. Breathing periods. They don’t always happen often, but you have to enjoy them when you can. Take note of when the hill feels easy rather than only remembering when the hill was difficult. Realise when life is sweet and good and pure – and then remember how much weight you loose or how much muscle you gain from when life is difficult.

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