Isn’t She Lovely

Loveliness on a Thursday afternoon..

God’s finger can touch nothing but to mold it into loveliness – George MacDonald

Great coffee from my best friends coffee shop, one drop.

A productive day at work.

Knowing I still have a lovely evening to look foward to.

A lovely best friend to share lovely lunches with.

New entertainment.

It’s my birthday in 5 days! I’m taking the day off and it’s going to be oh so lovely.

Lovely lovely images.

Photo Source: Some taken by me – see my tumblr for credits.

Request: ABC

A-Z Advice from Steffany

A – Always make things right before you go to sleep. Life is too short. – free shipping!

C – Don’t always reject a compliment. Graciously say thanks and follow up with a story, related or otherwise. Always coming back with a return compliment can come off as fake!

D – Denier. The higher the denier the thicker the stocking! Also can I just say that tops are not dresses! Even if you are wearing tights!

E – Express yourself. Start a blog. Write a song. Draw a picture. None of us were made as mundane as we act.

F – Frozen peas! Greatest snack in the world. So cheap, so easy. Best if you drink them from a cup!

G – Google Reader. If you’ve got a gmail account, and you’re a blog reader. Get into google reader!

H – Handle challenges with grace. I could almost write an A-Z list on how to handle challenges with grace.

I – Independance in an amazing thing. It’s hard and challenging but oh so good. Move out. Do it.

J – Jump! “To succeed, jump as quickly into opportunities as you do at conclusions” Benjamin Franklin

K – Know who you are. If you think Joe Jonas is a babe. Stick to it and don’t let people give you a hard time.

L – Love languages. Find out what your love language is, find out what other’s are! Makes a whole lot of different to all your relationships.

M – I’m the worst saver in the world. Manage your money, don’t let it manage you.

N – Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game. I always love a bit of wisdom from Cinderella Story.

O – Don’t be realistic. Be optimistic! Sure you might get let down once or twice, but chances are you’ll notice more good and be less concerned about the bad.

P – Photo document everything! Sometimes I feel a bit like I might be missing out on a party or a wedding because I’m busy taking so many photos. But my photos last a lifetime and I never regret it.

Q – Question almost everything. Don’t walk blindly into life.

R – Read a book – at least once a year. Maybe you think once a year doesn’t sound like much. But for some people it is. Even if you don’t like reading, you should read at least one book a year. The bible doesn’t count.

S – Stash twenty dollars somewhere random. That pocket you never check, a hidden compartment in your phone. For that time you forget your wallet, or your bank card just stops working.

T – Tupperware.

U – Understand God is like men who try to understand women. Just get to know us and love us – you’ll end up loving the fact that you don’t understand everything.

V – Vent, find an appropriate medium and vent. Also – if it’s a blog, make it a private one.

W – Write a love letter. Maybe to your Mum, or me. It’ll do you almost as much good as the person who receives the letter. It’s important to acknowledge how great the people in your life are.

X – xoxo – be a good hugger!

Y – Almost no one can pull off the colour yellow.

Z – Zippers! I love a good zipper! On shoes, dresses, tops, bangles! They aren’t just for doing things up!

As requested by Laura Fraser.

9 to 5

Lately I’ve realised how long it’s been since I’ve been shopping for work clothes. Way too many of my outfits are interchangeable and I’m realising how much I’d like more of a distinct work wardrobe. I need a trip to Portmans I think.


Well.. at least I can look of pictures of what I’d want.

A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene

Going the Distance

Beware. Starring Drew Barrymore & Justin Long about a one night stand that turns into a relationship that they try and make it through despite the distance.  I thought that maybe the sex jokes in the ad were probably about all there would be in this movie. WRONG. Apart from the F word being used 3,000 more times than I like to hear it (which is never), the sex scenes, gross sex jokes, not much eye candy – oh yes, well, there wasn’t much I liked about it I guess.

Some and I repeart only some times it was funny. I definitely did laugh – but afterwards thought – oh boy, shouldn’t have laughed about that. Christina Applegate was pretty good though and the two best friends definitely made me laugh.


Fashion Week

I loved a lot of the stuff I saw when browsing through the Ready to Wear collections. But mostly loved a lot of Chanel stuff so thought I’d share.

Apart from the fact that all the models need to eat a cheesburger more frequently.. just love this  line. I rarely love love anything that’s runway.. but this is just beautiful.

Image Source: Harpers Bazaar

Finish Line

Finish that sentence..

I feel blessed because.. tomorrow is pay day, I’m so grateful for a job that pays me money.

I feel excited about.. my birthday! It’s in 13 days and I’ve got the day off and it’s going to be amazing!

I feel loved when.. people buy or make me gifts! Probably why I’m so excited about my birthday.

I feel hurt if.. I log onto my blog and the stats are at zero. I shouldn’t care about these things but the stats have definitely dropped as of late.

I feel tired because.. I got up early today to have breakfast before work and.. well.. I don’t sleep enough.

I feel peace when.. I’m in the will of God. Sometimes that’s a hard thing to judge, but mostly it’s a gut feeling. Peace is a gut feeling.

I feel challenged about.. the ice-cream I ate today.

I love this image because.. I love the idea of the traditional side of ballet mixed with something random like the beach. Tutu’s and sand don’t normally go together, but that’s why I love it.

Request: Moose

What you never thought you’d see on this blog, was a post about moose!

We here at .Steffany. (which is actually just me, Steffany) like to surprise readers! Expect the unexpected.

Average lifespan in the wild: 15-20 years

Mature males shed their antlers once a year in November/December and replace them with new larger ones in the Spring.

Moose Art

Boy wins Alaska Moose calling content – read about it here.

Moose’s – restaurant!

Moose Children’s Book

Eddie Crane on Fraser’s real dog name, was Moose.

Moose can run up to 35 miles (56 kilometers) an hour over short distances, and trot steadily at 20 miles (32 kilometers) an hour.

The Beauty Is

It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before – Jane Austen 

Beauty is not caused. It is. – Emily Dickinson

Beauty is but the sensible image of the Infinite. Like truth and justice it lives within us; like virtue and the moral law it is a companion of the soul. – Charles W. H. Bancroft

Our life is not a movie, or maybe

My family, when we spend time together, we normally like to spend it at the movies. I hardly ever go the movie, except for when all my family is in the same place and then I go all the time!

Tomorrow When The War Began

Okay so I wasn’t a huge fan of the books. I should probably say book because I’m not sure I really even finished the first one. I don’t know if that makes me some kind of bad person, or what kind of trouble I’m stiring. I don’t know how loyal TWTWB fans are. Is it like Twilight? I hope not cos I’m about to get a whole lot of hate mail. I’ll try and redeem myself by saying that I enjoyed the movie a lot more than the book. Generally fans don’t like those kinda statements, but this is my blog, so I guess I’ll just say what I want. I normally hate Australian movies so that the fact that I enjoyed it probably says a lot. Only bit I didn’t really love was Chris’s description of what had happened. It was funny intitially, but when he actually talked about the people that had been shot – it was made out to be funny, or at least everyone in the cinema laughed. They could have dropped out the humour a bit there I think.

Also – the army doesn’t have any planes! AND – I think it would have been better if I hadn’t seen the ads eighty times before hand.

Lots of explosions, kids being brave – it was actually pretty good!

four stars

The Other Guys

I don’t really know how we ended up seeing this one. My sister and my Dad chose it and we all went in not really knowing what it was about. It was your standard cops type of movie. It was kinda rude at times, but mostly fairly funny. The characters were all kinda quirky and strange which made it entertaining. I had one of those ‘wow Steff you’re laughing louder than everyone in the entire cinema’ moments – which always makes for good times. It was alright, made better by the fact that it was Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg – but I think you could wait til dvd.

Oh and Eva Mendes is stunning in it!

two and a half stars