Our life is not a movie, or maybe

My family, when we spend time together, we normally like to spend it at the movies. I hardly ever go the movie, except for when all my family is in the same place and then I go all the time!

Tomorrow When The War Began

Okay so I wasn’t a huge fan of the books. I should probably say book because I’m not sure I really even finished the first one. I don’t know if that makes me some kind of bad person, or what kind of trouble I’m stiring. I don’t know how loyal TWTWB fans are. Is it like Twilight? I hope not cos I’m about to get a whole lot of hate mail. I’ll try and redeem myself by saying that I enjoyed the movie a lot more than the book. Generally fans don’t like those kinda statements, but this is my blog, so I guess I’ll just say what I want. I normally hate Australian movies so that the fact that I enjoyed it probably says a lot. Only bit I didn’t really love was Chris’s description of what had happened. It was funny intitially, but when he actually talked about the people that had been shot – it was made out to be funny, or at least everyone in the cinema laughed. They could have dropped out the humour a bit there I think.

Also – the army doesn’t have any planes! AND – I think it would have been better if I hadn’t seen the ads eighty times before hand.

Lots of explosions, kids being brave – it was actually pretty good!

four stars

The Other Guys

I don’t really know how we ended up seeing this one. My sister and my Dad chose it and we all went in not really knowing what it was about. It was your standard cops type of movie. It was kinda rude at times, but mostly fairly funny. The characters were all kinda quirky and strange which made it entertaining. I had one of those ‘wow Steff you’re laughing louder than everyone in the entire cinema’ moments – which always makes for good times. It was alright, made better by the fact that it was Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg – but I think you could wait til dvd.

Oh and Eva Mendes is stunning in it!

two and a half stars


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