Finish Line

Finish that sentence..

I feel blessed because.. tomorrow is pay day, I’m so grateful for a job that pays me money.

I feel excited about.. my birthday! It’s in 13 days and I’ve got the day off and it’s going to be amazing!

I feel loved when.. people buy or make me gifts! Probably why I’m so excited about my birthday.

I feel hurt if.. I log onto my blog and the stats are at zero. I shouldn’t care about these things but the stats have definitely dropped as of late.

I feel tired because.. I got up early today to have breakfast before work and.. well.. I don’t sleep enough.

I feel peace when.. I’m in the will of God. Sometimes that’s a hard thing to judge, but mostly it’s a gut feeling. Peace is a gut feeling.

I feel challenged about.. the ice-cream I ate today.

I love this image because.. I love the idea of the traditional side of ballet mixed with something random like the beach. Tutu’s and sand don’t normally go together, but that’s why I love it.


One thought on “Finish Line

  1. As you wish i’ll finish that sentence..

    I feel blessed because.. i know how to appreciate.
    I feel excited about.. so many small things like buttons and smiles!

    I feel loved when.. somebody sincerely like me.
    I feel hurt if.. i am judged unfairly.
    I feel tired because.. i don’t exercise enough.

    I feel peace when.. when i totally trust God.

    I feel challenged about.. skeptics.

    I love this image (a smile) because.. it can change a moment.

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