Top Ten Hits

I stole this idea from the lovely Sarah Starrenburg and using WordPress’ stats function found the top ten most viewed posts on my blog since 2008. Some of them are so random that I’m not sure how they made it to the top.. the first two have over 5,000 views on their own. Must be my tagging abilities.

1. All Things Fashion

“As I’ve previously mentioned, I love Chictopia. And I really love one of my ‘favourite chictopians’ Marielle. I noticed her on Chictopia, and then made my way onto her blog. She’s gorgeous and has gorgeous taste in clothes and shoes.”

2. Chronicles of Narnia

“C.S Lewis is amazing. I’m just reading through the Chronicles of Narnia now and I’m really loving it. I’m fairly positve I’ve read all of the stories before, but it’s been such a long time, and I’m really enjoying the re-read.”

3. I Will Exalt You

“I will exalt You, I will exalt You, I will exalt You, You are my God”

4. Friendship

“Friendship is possibly the great thing in the world. Lately I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am.”

5. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

“Once upon a time a man and lady blinked and then had a baby called Steffany. She grew up and fast and with many bad habits. One of which – was an addiction and love for shoes (and bags, lollies, chocolate and music – but let’s talk about shoes for now)”

6. Favourite

“This is a list of the things that are currently “my favourite” right now.

Favourite Drink: Tea

Favourite Fruit: Oranges”

7. The Last Single Girl

“Recently my friends, namely my best friends, have all gotten boyfriends. And while I’m very happy for them and their insane bliss, it can leave one feeling a little.. well.. unhappy with her current status. I actually enjoy being single, so to remind myself of the fact, I wrote a list. A list of 100 things I’d like to do while I’m still single”

8. Twilight and all that hype

“So I started reading Twilight last night. It’s the first book in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. But like you didn’t know that already. I’ve been hearing about Twilight for a while now.. but I’ve been hearing about Edward Cullen for longer what with all the Team”

9. Beauty is

“I like beautiful things. Maybe this makes me shallow but I like them all the same. I like beautiful people but mostly when they are beautiful on the inside, I love perfumes but I love them even more if they come in pretty bottles, jewellery but especially jewellery that sparkles, pretty clothes but I really love gorgeous fabrics, stunning heels and I really don’t care if they are painful, I really love flowers and it’s a bonus if they smell nice.”

10. Stop

“Have you ever stopped and just listened? Right now. Stop. Listen. For me it’s the clittity clattery sound of fingers moving across a keyboard.”

Some of my favourite posts didn’t make it in here, but some did which I am glad for.

Perhaps some day I will do a post on my top ten favourite posts. But I’ve realised that I should never make promises I’m unlikely to keep.



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