Today I just started watching my Dad’s favourite TV show – life.

It’s a really interesting concept for a TV show. It’s about a police officer, Charlie Crews who was wrongly accused of murder and was imprisoned for about 10 years. The show revolves around a different crime each episode that Charlie, recently returned to the force, solves with his new partner. But the underlying theme that runs through the entire program is the mystery of who framed Charlie for the murder of his brother and his brother’s family.

It’s not really my style of tv show – but the central character Charlie is quirky and interesting. They keep flashing back to a documentary someone is obviously making about the whole issue – and they are interviewing all the people involved. His ex-wife, previous partner, chief detective and his lawyer. The lawyer makes this interesting comment which has been rolling around my mind for a while.

His lawyer makes this comment.

Life was his sentence. So life is what he got back.

I’m not one hundred percent sure why it sticks with me but it does. At the beginning of a new year, you can’t help but be retrospective and introspective and all those other kinds of things. Life was taken from Charlie Crews. Everything. So when he was exonerated. They gave him his life back. They gave him his job back, 50 million dollars. But it’s interesting to see how a man tries to get his life back.

Life is such a funny thing. I’m pretty intent on living it. And living it as much as I can.

How I know I’m alive is that I kicked my leg really hard on a box lying out in the middle of the hallway. That will make a nice bruise.

A bruise is a sign of life. And that you have it or that you live it. It means you were wreckless or clumsy. Or you bruise easy. I’m not saying you should aim for bruises in life – but they are normally a sign of life.

Make sure you’re living your life. In 2011 do something that makes you feel alive.


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