Odds & Bobs

Firstly I’d really like to apologise to my loyal blog readers. I’ve been very slack and I’ve¬† just mentally slapped myself for being possibly the worst blogger around. I promised posts this year and I have failed to deliver. In what I realise is a very feeble attempt to attain acceptance and forgiveness – I do regularly update my two other blogs that I’m currently working on. You can check them out below – they promise to be much more regular and consistent.

Pretty pictures and guilty pleasures – www.steffanywillis.tumblr.com

365 Grateful project – http://365agradecido.tumblr.com/

However it normally just take a cute little comment or request from someone before I realise that I actually miss legitimate blogging with real words and real thoughts.

Lately I’ve been loving listening to the new Adele album. She’s got such a stunningly interesting voice and such creative melodies and I’m really enjoying her songs. It’s also made me realise that when I’m in my car alone and completely unaware of the world around me (apart from traffic and the like) and free from judgement – I’m a seriously awesome singer. Who knew I could hit those notes. Granted.. can’t do it as soon as the car ride is over. So you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

My best friend and my other best friend got engaged the other week – to each other. So I’m still pretty jazzed about that. The whole overuse of the word ‘fiance’ hasn’t worn off yet, we still chat about the ring and how crazy life will be once she’s married’. Dang. I’m just so happy about it.

I quit my job on Friday. It was sort of a long time coming and for reason, really just felt it was time to leave. 100% peaceful, but 80% think it was the right decision, and 20% think.. ‘You crazy – you don’t have another job to go to’. I think it’s really important to do something every now and then that it’s fully reliant on yourself. It’s sometimes a good idea not to have a backup plan. Already God is speaking to me so much more cos I gave him space to speak. So I’m on the lookout for a new opportunity. It might look similar to what I’m doing now – or rather different. Either way – I’m very open.

I’ve got a big tv crush on Agent Seeley Booth (aka David Boreanaz). You’d really¬† have to watch Bones to really understand what I’m talking about.

Who knew Nando’s had cous cous salad?

Love is to risk not being loved in return – Unknown

That’s all for now my lovelies. I hope to see you soon!