Last night and also this morning I was feeling a very great  many things that I could and wanted to use as a facebook or twitter update. So here they are in list form.

  • I just spent $100 at the grocery store. I am one person – how do I cost this much?
  • I just spent $100 filling up my car with petrol. Actually I didn’t even fill it all up – I stopped at $100. Should have bought a small car.
  • Thanks to the trolley guy who saw my confused look and my obviously intential pout as I was looking for where to leave my trolley. He came and collected it from me personally.
  • Farmer Wants a Wife is a very weird show. I still don’t really understand what’s going on and it frustrates me quite a bit.
  • When you have to look left, then right, then left again to cross your own street – it’s time to move back to the sticks.
  • It’s very possible I’m the worst uni student ever. Week three and I’m yet to start anything.
  • If you go to put your bodywash in your hair and put your underwear on back to front – then it’s probably time to start getting some more sleep.
  • Why is it you always notice the ladders in your stockings after you’ve left for work.
  • Playing words with friends with friends is good, but playing words with friends with your Dad is the best. I miss him.
  • “Cos I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it”. I see what you’re doing here Rhianna. Very .. clever? Songs that like that should be banned from the radio. Or from ears.
  • Today I wanted to wear a scarf, beanie and gloves. Our office is so cold cos my boss likes the air conditioning down. His solution to complaints – bring a jacket. I’ll show him.

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