Back before my job got really out of hand, I used to really enjoy Thursdays & Friday’s. They were the quiet days in the office. Some of the staff worked part time, so we were down on staff and down on phone calls. To be honest, I really loved it. It meant I could get work done and it meant that I could get away with listening to music throughout the day. Of course not through speakers, but through my headphones. Normally just used to use my iPhone, but on days were I was really prepared, I would even bring in my iPod.m (Much wider selection of music). Of course I still only ever had one ear in and I would have to yank that ear out whenever the phone rang or someone tried to talk to me. Still – in this particular industry (the admin industry – it’s a thing!) – you take what little enjoyments you can.

The other day God was speaking to me about headphones. Well perhaps he wasn’t exactly speaking about headphones. But he was speaking about living in constant communication with the Holy Spirit. God is so far beyond what I can even comprehend or imagine – so if God tried to talk to me about all the things he was actually thinking about – I would explode. So he talks to me in pictures and analogies. In this particular case, God was speaking to me about headphone and the Holy Spirit.

I think that God thinks, living in direct and constant communication with the Holy Spirit is like listening to music with one headphone in. Sometimes it’s very necessary to have both ears in and to really blast that music (HS time) really loud and all intense. But most of the time, life is one ear in and one ear out. You need to have one ear open, ready to hear what the world is saying and what the world needs. You need to be aware of what people are saying around you. Keep your feet on the ground. But the other ear, should have a constant flow of the Holy Spirit. He’s always speaking, and we should always be listening. If you aren’t listening at all – how can you know what to say and how to act.

God never meant us to be crazy woo hoo’s who can only every sprout scripture and thus sayeth’s to everyone we meet – but he definitely never meant for us to fully engage with the world to such an extent that when God speaks (which he ALWAYS does) we can’t even hear what he’s saying.

Try wearing one ear in and one ear out. In real life. I think it will fully sink in for you when you actually try it. Learn how to listen to what’s being playing in your ear (scripture, worship, teaching, prayer) while still engaging with the noise of the world around you (people, needs, hurts, LIFE!).

Ah.. been holding those thoughts in for months waiting for the right chance to share – feels good to get them out.

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