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Lately we’ve been having perfect stay at home and read days! So in honour of reading – and because I can’t stay at home and read until I’m on holidays..here’s some lovelies to look at.

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I want to get better at dealing with pain.

It seems like a funny way to think about pain. I want to do better with pain. It implies that there’s a different way to handle obstacles, challenges.. and well, pain.

My life has had many painful moments, like so many people that I know. Nobody’s life is immune from pain. No amount of wishing or consistent prayer eliminates pain from our life. But despite having many painful moments.. I think I’ve gotten consistently better at hiding from pain. Shoving it away.. like someone living in pain was a sign of weekness. I’ve always been kind of ‘tough’ and I think that can be a good, but mostly terribly bad thing. It means somehow – you think you might have the strength to deal with pain on your own. You’ve ‘managed’ before and so you’ll ‘manage’ again.

If you aren’t giving God 100% of your pain – you probably aren’t dealing with any of it at all. At least not successfully. I’ve decided to start working through some unresolved pain. It’s buried so deep that it will most likely take a while to resurface. But I think it’s important.

I say all of this publicly on my blog – because mostly, I say it for you. YOU that someone who is reading this. Maybe you’ve got some unresolved pain. Maybe you’re actually just knee deep in an awful situation right now. Maybe trouble seems to follow you around and you feel like you’re always trying to catch your breath. Please.. please.. please work this through. If you can do it with a notebook and your bible.. please do. If you need someone to walk it through with you.. then please ask someone.. ask me! If you actually need professional help – swallow your pride and just get help.

It’s OK to experience pain – you’re not less of a person because you feel pain. But we should work through it. There’s a world out there who needs us to be a little less broken.

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

My Top Ten

Ages ago, after some advice (probably from a sermon or a respected friend) I made a list of the qualities I was looking for in a man. It was like 3 pages long and pretty specific. I even stated which cars he had a preference for. Not that being specific isn’t a good thing – but I sort of disbanded the list for a time. The following qualities was all that was required for me to be a bit interest.

  • Was attracted to something about them
  • Loved Jesus

The rest I was happy to figure out along the way. I’ve also disbanded that. Now it’s a bit more specific than the two qualities above – although definitely important. But less crazy than my first list. They also happen to all start with A.











Also – he needs to be funny and needs to find me even funnier. I really need someone who can laugh at my jokes.


I need to figure out how to copywright some of the stuff I put on my blog it’s so awesome. Seriously – what a great list!


I seriously love Jon Acuff’s writing and enjoy of all his guest posts too.

Check out this post.

(Over the years, Bryan Allain has written some fantastic guest posts on SCL. He’s one of my friends who I hope gets to publish a book someday because he’s a funny, smart honest writer. He’s also just started BlogRocket.com to help other bloggers blow their blogs up. Today he shares, a brilliant post about a song most of us know and love. Enjoy.)

Kissing Metaphors in Worship Music

If you’re not familiar with John Mark McMillan’s song “How He Loves”, first off tell me what it’s like to live in a cave. Do you pee in one corner of the cave or do you go outside to do your business and risk being mauled by a jaguar with your pants down?

Either way, “How He Loves” is a popular song in churches right now, and one of the more memorable lines in the song goes something like this:

So heaven meets earth like a sloppy, wet kiss

Now, you’re gonna be shocked to hear this (I hope you’re sitting down in the urine-free corner of your cave), but some artists and congregations aren’t comfortable throwing in imagery more commonly associated with a 7th grade make-out party into their worship songs.

As a result, another version of the song has been recorded that describes the heaven-earth collision as a slightly different lip lock:

So heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss

I bring all this up because a few months ago I was speaking at a youth retreat and i overheard the following conversation between one of the youth leaders and the guest worship band:

Youth Leader: You guys did a great job tonight, but I wanted to let you know if you do “How He Loves” again, our kids are cool with the “sloppy wet kiss version”.

Worship Leader: Oh, are they? Okay, cool. I forgot to ask you about that, so we just did “unforeseen kiss”.

YL: No, our kids like the “sloppy wet kiss” way better.

WL: Yeah, so do we!!! Good to know for next time.

The moment I heard that conversation, I knew it HAD to be a Stuff Christians Like post. So many points to be made here.

1. Worship Bands need to start putting the Sloppy Wet Kiss Clause (SWK) into their riders.


“We’ve got four non-negotiables: 1) We need in-ear monitors (no wedges), 2) we need three pounds of unsalted cashews in a wicker basket, 3) we need a high-ceiling closet to drape our scarf collection, and 4) we will ONLY do the ‘sloppy wet kiss’ version of How He Loves.”

2. Why an “unforeseen kiss”? Doesn’t it feel like the person who rewrote that line just made a list of 3-syllable phrases/words to pair up with “kiss” and in the end “unforeseen” was the best they could do?

I’m guessing the list looked something like this:

#1 – So heaven meets earth like a hollywood kiss (sounds great but Christians are never gonna go for it)

#2 – So heaven meets earth like a butterfly kiss (perfect, but Bob Carlisle refuses to sell us the rights)

#3 – So heaven meets earth like a pantomime kiss (only if we want to creep out the entire congregation)

#4 – So heaven meets earth like a tongue-on-tongue kiss (somehow we’ve found something grosser than “sloppy, wet”)

#5 – So heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss (it makes no sense, but it’s the best we’ve got. Let’s do it.)

3. Never thought I’d see the day when a youth leader would say “our kids like the sloppy, wet kiss way better” with a big smile on his face.

I mean, having been one years ago I always knew junior high kids preferred sloppy, wet kisses…I just didn’t think Youth Pastors would ever find a context in which they’d be cool with it, too.

4. Why limit it to kissing? If we’re going to rewrite the song and use romantic language, let’s really open up the palette. Some suggestions…

So heaven meets earth like…

…some tender light petting

…a gentle ear nibble

…some married foreplay

…a playful butt grab

…the Song of Solomon

Let’s stop there before I get myself in trouble.

5. I’m calling it now: a Worship Leader will get fired in the next 12 months for refusing to sing the “unforeseen” version. I can already see the story…

Disagreements between worship leaders and pastors are nothing new, but twitter was abuzz today when a rogue song leader was fired for singing his favorite version of the song, How He Loves, against his Senior Pastor’s wishes. Mitch Veeneck, a worship pastor at Firepond Church in Central Iowa, sang the “Sloppy, Wet kiss” version of the song at both the 9am AND 11am services yesterday after being warned he would be removed from his position for continuing to do so.

While initial public support was strongly behind Veeneck, a new development in the story has swung the pendulum the other way. In an article posted on the church’s blog late last night, slow motion stills show the crooner flicking his tongue in and out of his mouth like a snake while singing the controversial line. More details as they emerge…

So what’s your take on the “sloppy, wet kiss” line in How He Loves? Do you like the original, prefer the toned down version, or don’t really care either way?

And by all means, if you have your own (non-vulgar) suggestions on how to rewrite that “heaven meets earth” line, pucker up and fire away.

(For more great stuff from Bryan, check out his blog or twitter feed. If you’re a blogger don’t miss his new site blogrocket.com)


Top Ten Favourite Quotes

To succeed, jump as quickly into opportunities as you do at conclusions. Benjamin Franklin

Life’s short, talk fast. Gilmore Girls

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved – loved for ourselves, or rather, loved inspite of ourselves.Victor Hugo

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.. it has no survival value; rather it gives value to survival. C.S Lewis

Lois: Please tell me we weren’t just set up.

Clark: Looks like it.

Lois: Us. That’s like hot fudge and halibut.

Clark: I take it I’m the halibut.

Lois: Naturally


Study hard… read a book a week.. stay married when you feel like leaving.. write a letter to a friend when you’d rather shop.. play with your children when you want some time alone.. write when you feel like sleeping.. work out when you feel like playing.. control emotions when you feel like screaming.. forgive when you feel like hating.. overcome limitations when you want to quit.  Holy Wagner

One hundred religious persons knit into a unity by careful organisation do not constitute a church any more than eleven dead men make a football team. The first requisite is life, always. A W Tozer

Human things must be known to be loved: but Divine things must be loved to known.  Blaise Pascal

Julian: I’m not a guy’s guy. I don’t have homies.

Brooke: I don’t think anyone has had homies since 1989.
One Tree Hill

Beauty is but the sensible image of the Infinite. Like truth and justice it lives within us; like virtue and the moral law it is a companion of the soul.  Charles W. H. Bancroft

The Little Pattiserie

I’ve been working in Paddington for nearly a year now and I’m pretty embarassed to say that I haven’t tried too many of the little cafe’s that are hidden in and around Given/Latrobe Terrace. This morning I arrived particularly early to work, and while I’d already had a lovely big coffee, I needed to kill some time and thought I could probably choke down a smoothie or something.

Went for a walk and came across this little place.

Despite no eftpos facilities, and a grumpy dude who seemed to think it was my fault that he didn’t  have change for a $20 note, it was actually pretty  nice. Some quirky little chairs, undercover outside area which still provided nice light and a yummy berry smoothie. They did appear to have a lot of lovely little treats too, maybe I will pop back in and try them again.