My Top Ten

Ages ago, after some advice (probably from a sermon or a respected friend) I made a list of the qualities I was looking for in a man. It was like 3 pages long and pretty specific. I even stated which cars he had a preference for. Not that being specific isn’t a good thing – but I sort of disbanded the list for a time. The following qualities was all that was required for me to be a bit interest.

  • Was attracted to something about them
  • Loved Jesus

The rest I was happy to figure out along the way. I’ve also disbanded that. Now it’s a bit more specific than the two qualities above – although definitely important. But less crazy than my first list. They also happen to all start with A.











Also – he needs to be funny and needs to find me even funnier. I really need someone who can laugh at my jokes.


I need to figure out how to copywright some of the stuff I put on my blog it’s so awesome. Seriously – what a great list!

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