Some pictures I’ve been taking lately.


I’ve been MIA for the last little while, so here’s what’s new with me.

I went to Tasmania for week. It was lovely and my cousin’s wedding was lovely.

Images Courtesy of Kristy Lockwood Photography

I got promoted! I am now no longer a Receptionist. Doing some more intense admin work. It’s proving to be quite full on and my head wants to explode a bit. But every time I get stressed, I think about the people coming in for interviews, and that I was only doing that 6 weeks ago to be a temp. And look at me now!

I got a fringe! Was bored on Sunday afternoon and Georgia had a go at it. It’s now sitting quite funny, but it looked ok at the time. I haven’t had a fringe since I was 2 years old.. so this is very new for me.

Nicole Steers is engaged. I live with two engaged people now, which proves to be, well, a lot of wedding talk! Haha. But it’s very exciting and she is going to look stunning!

That’s all for now.. Might hit you back later with a little bit something something.