Heart Felt

Honest Thoughts. If you can’t handle the truth. Get off my blog.

#1 Lately I’ve been feeling very in touch with my inner emotions. Maybe I am feeling things more deeply for some particular reasons. I’m feeling joy on a very extreme level, but that also means I am feeling pain on a more acute level. I think though, that I’d much prefer to live with intense emotions. To live in a constant state of mundane and lukewarm feelings would be depressing.

#2 I’d rather be a honest and true friend with few, than a fake and popular friend with many.

#3 The hardest thing about learning a lesson twice isn’t actually the pain from the lesson. It’s the fact you had to learn it all over agin.

#4 My future husband should be the only one who gets the privilege of seeing me in all my glory. I ain’t giving my glory away to just any random.

#5 I care too much about the way that I look. If you see my rocking some bad hair do’s and many repeat outfits, I’m trying to care less.

#6 I’m fairly intelligent. Sometimes people feel the need to explain simple jokes to me, and they seem shocked when I tell them I’m completely a university degree, so I wonder if perhaps I give out a ‘dumb’ vibe. Just for the record, I’m really not dumb.

#7 My sister and I have way too much in common. Either she is really mature for her age, or I need to grow up a bit. Maybe the latter. Probably should think about getting rid of some Zac Efron paraphernalia.

#8 I want my future husband to be surprised once we get married. I want to have not given away everything I have to give away before then. I need to hear ‘Wow I really had no idea’ every now and then.

#9 You can only really keep about a handful of people in your life that you reguarly and meaninfully connect with. Who’s in your hand?

#10 I would be even happier with my life if I could end up being a writer/actor/professional Gilmore Girls expert.

If I’m being really honest. All I really want out of life is love. Love of the Father and if I’m lucky, my friends, my family and a hunky hottie that can tolerate and love my crazy ways.

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