Looking up

Lately I’ve been checking my blogroll and haven’t been finding a lot of friends who’ve been regularly updating their blogs, I sort of got a bit frustrated and then realised my hypocritical sentiments, as I hardly ever update this blog. Sure, 365grateful – every day. Sure, Sweet Nothings – more than once everyday. Poor little old tried and true .Steffany. – rarely ever. I think that’s because this blog is more about writing, it’s easy (ish) to snap a photo every day, it’s very easy to reblog other people’s beautiful pictures. It is much more difficult to think of something honest, interesting and inspiring, even on a weekly basis. But if I consider myself someone who enjoys writing – then it’s something I want to become better at. Learning to recognise, remember and record poignant moments in one’s life is a skill I want to have.

Lately I’ve been coming across a lot of milestones, or moments in life where it has been very appropriate and necessary to stop and reflect. Every 6 months I have an exam for uni, and I take it as a good opportunity to re-assess my life and see where I am and what has changed. These are some of the thoughts I’ve had recently.

This year. It’s been 6 years since I graduated high school. In four years time I will have my 10 year reunion. How crazy is that.

I’ve been at this new job for just over 3 months. Normally at the 3 month mark, I start to really hate my job and want to quit and get a new one. Yet to experience this moment, and if anything, have received a fresh new boost of enthusiam for work.

6 months ago I had long blonde/red hair. I now sport a blunt fridge and rock a almost black/purple brown colour.

One year ago I moved into the Homestead with Tegan and Nicole. Since then, they both got engaged and I have important roles to play in both of their weddings. Living with girls can be really amazing.

One month ago I knew exactly what was going on with my life. One month on.. I’m a very confused individual, and grateful for grace and the opportunity to figure myself out.

23 years ago I was inside my Mum’s tummy.. and making her fairly fat. I’ve come a long long way since then.

2 years ago I lived in a big breezey beautiful house in Bunya. I realised now what a magical place that was to live. Every now and then I dream about the wardrobe I had there and it makes me sad. Life does indeed move on though. One day I hope to be able to store my shoes like I could then.

9 months ago. I had a very different set of friends. Not that I ditched friends, but I’ve welcomed some people into my life that I hardly had any contact with, and now see on a pretty regular basis. I love old friends and new friends, but what I love SO much at the moment, is new friends who feel like old friends really quickly.

6 months ago I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a mother. I adopted a little Indian girl at some point earlier this year. And while, of course we have no biological relation to each other, and I technically am more of a “big sister” rather than a “Mumsie”, she brings light into my life like I’m sure my children will. She’s a babe and makes me feel like a babe. The ideal kind of relationship really.

I think we need to stop and reflect more. I’m going to do it all the time. Maybe even weekly.. or at least monthly. It could be time to reinstate the Monthly Summaries I used to do on this blog.

ALSO – Definitely check out Laura Hughes new blog, Love Letters to Life. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for her to start this one up and it’s lived up to the expectation.

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