Need to know basis.

At the risk of sounding very self absorbed.. here’s 10 things you probably didn’t know about me. Or did. But I don’t really care.

1. While blood normally makes me want to vomit, I really love the TV Show Bones. Go figure? Turns out Seely Booth can make a girl do basically anything.

2. I really love a good routine. But only for a limited time period. For about 2 weeks, I would make a cup of chai tea, heat up my hot water bottle, watch and episode of Bones and fall asleep EVERY NIGHT. Only for the two weeks though.

3. I learnt the trumpet when I was younger. It lasted about a year and as I never had a real aptitude for sheet music, I learnt all my pieces by ear. Turns out trumpet was harder than I thought.

4. I’m a brilliant rapper. Like gangsta music kind of rapping. I think it’s my ability to recall lyrics (or anything really) combined with the fact that I can talk at basically the speed of light, or sound, whichever is more appropriate.

5. My book and dvd collection is very extensive. I know where my salary goes now.

6. I am very scent driven. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, am allergic to cats and own over 10 different perfumes.

7. I think I actually prefer Coke Zero to regular coke.

8. I’ve only ever had one, maybe two nightmares in my whole life. My dreams are always REALLY pleasant, I often wake up and wish I had time to keep dreaming. Normally I live in Paris.

9. I love boardgames. Too much.

10. I’ve given speeches at people I hardly know parties. I think if I came to a randoms party, and there was an awkward enough silence, I’d give a speech. There’s something in me that hates the awkward moment so much, that I’d prefer that I feel awkward, then everyone else. Normally I enjoy awkward moments, but not during the speech section at someone’s birthday.

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