twenty three

In honour of me and my 23rd birthday.

Twenty Three Things I still have to look forward to.

  1. Coming home to my own house.
  2. Coming home to a husband.
  3. Graduating university.
  4. Cruising the seas with my sister.
  5. Deciding what to name my kids.
  6. Meeting my sponsor child.
  7. Actually writing that book.
  8. Changing my last name on facebook.
  9. Becoming crazy Aunty Steff.
  10. Buying my first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.
  11. Actually owning every single season of Gilmore Girls.
  12. My last first date.
  13. Buying a brand new car.
  14. Long Service Leave.
  15. Learning how to not throw up when my kids bleed on everything.
  16. Learning how to not throw up.
  17. Watching the rest of my friends get married.
  18. Getting married.
  19. Taking a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  20. When my blog hits 1 million views.
  21. My 30th birthday party speech.
  22. When I finally get the nerve to go skinny dipping.
  23. When I’m 46, which is 23×2 and being equally as happy about my life then as I am now.

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