Thoughts on a Monday

I don’t really care about being liked or loved by everyone. I’m happy to accept that not everyone gets along with everyone in this world, so I don’t really care about being loved by everyone.


I do want the people I know to love the One that I love the most. In order to do that, I have to love them. They have to know that I love because he first love me. So I refrain from being cruel, I refrain from speaking my mind all the time. Not because I care if they love me, but because I care if they love him. All for the sake of His glory.


Over a year ago.. I posted a list titled ‘The last Single Girl’. It was essentially a list of things to try and achieve while I was still single. Here is an update. Shamefully, I have not ticked off as many things as I would like, and at the rate I’m going, I could still be single in 10 years and ticking things off. But I have made a bit of a promise to tick more things off in the coming months. Very soon I get to tick off 68 and 99!

  1. Learn how to change a tyre
  2. Watch Gilmore Girls Season 1-7 in a straight sitting
  3. Learn how to surf
  4. Read every C.S Lewis book
  5. Learn to knit
  6. Sing in a musical
  7. Spend a full day at a spa
  8. Learn how to salsa
  9. Make a creme brulee
  10. Climb a mountain
  11. Go sailing
  12. Take a photography class
  13. Go on a vacation by myself
  14. Go to see a boy band in concert
  15. See the Eiffel Tower
  16. Ride a horse
  17. Ride something bigger than a horse
  18. Go to the Olympics
  19. Sing kareoke
  20. Ask someone fairly random out
  21. Go on a road trip
  22. Bake a cake
  23. Fly a kite
  24. Fall asleep in a meadow
  25. Fly business class
  26. Go to Uluru
  27. Spend an entire pay on shoes
  28. Perform a handbrake turn in a car
  29. Hire out a car that’s out of my price range
  30. Read all Harry Potter books
  31. Read all Lord of the Rings books
  32. Sleep under the stars
  33. Go skinny dipping
  34. Buy a stranger a meal
  35. Go to a drive in theatre
  36. Jury duty
  37. Join a book club
  38. Become a liscenced minister
  39. Throw a surprise party
  40. Write a will
  41. Buy somebody a bunch of red roses
  42. Plant a tree, or a flower bush, or a vegetable
  43. Write a novel
  44. Shower in a waterfall
  45. Learn to juggle with three balls
  46. Go in a hot air balloon
  47. Make a hole in one
  48. Watch every James Bond film
  49. Read a book a fortnight for a year
  50. Leave a love note on a windscreen
  51. Watch the sun rise
  52. Jump into a pile of autumn leaves
  53. Do a first aid course
  54. Go for a full day without talking
  55. Give blood
  56. Spend a whole day naked
  57. Get a regular manicure and pedicure for a year
  58. Be a bridesmaid
  59. Make cookies for someone
  60. Eat an entire pizza on my own
  61. Donate more than a weeks pay to something worthwhile
  62. Preach at church
  63. Skull 2L of coke
  64. Cook everything from a cookbook
  65. Go to the ballet
  66. Write a song
  67. Enter a competition
  68. MC a wedding
  69. Write a handwritten letter to 10 friends
  70. Blog regularly
  71. Turn my mobile off for a week
  72. Be debt free
  73. Be in a TV audience for something. Pref. Ellen
  74. Not shave for a month
  75. Eat a tub full of icecream in one sitting
  76. Balance a checkbook (or get in control of my finances)
  77. Kiss someone I hardly know
  78. Sponsor another child
  79. Make a signature dish
  80. See ‘Wicked’
  81. Buy an iPad
  82. Put $20 in a letter and post it to a random address
  83. Pick wildflowers
  84. Visit the Canadian Rockies
  85. Own all the Lori Wick Books
  86. Sing someone a love song
  87. Get a charicature done of myself
  88. Drive in a limo to somewhere unexpected
  89. Make a dress
  90. See Coldplay or U2 or someone really big in concert
  91. Alphabetise my book collection
  92. Meet Hayley Williams from Paramore
  93. Ride on a bike with tassels and a basket
  94. Buy a house
  95. Be on TV
  96. Dance all night long – like literally all night long.
  97. Get retweeted by someone famous
  98. Faint from excitement or happiness
  99. Watch all my best friends get married
  100. Love Jesus always.

A day in the life of Steffany.

A little while ago my delightful friend Hannah posted something on her new blog Miss Pinches about a day in the life of Hannah. It entailed a typical day for her at university. The other day I took a couple of shots throughout the day and have decided to the do the same thing for my work day.

The day begins with a few too many hits on that snooze button and results in a later than planned start to the day. Despite knowing with my head that I need almost exactly an hour to get ready everday, my heart or physical body doesn’t want to comply and I leave myself only enough time to shower and blow dry my fringe. Thus resulting in me doing my makeup in the car.

I arrive at work to a barrage of emails. All work related. Tegan is away on her honeymoon and as such, I will have no Stegan entertainment throughout the day. I proceed to make my way through anything left over from the day before, and any new work coming in. Training means my phone still rings hot, even though I’m not longer sitting at Reception.

Today my day means a date with the abovementioned Hannah Pinches which makes everything a little bit better. We had Italian outdoors which was a welcome change.

Often I need to do errands and I get to use one of the Company’s Mazda’s 6’s. Which is a car size I am used to driving. Today I needed to go and pick out some new office chairs and to collect them, needed a bigger car. So they made me drive the big ute. It was an adventure all on it’s own.

White chocolate was necessary to get me through 3.30itus. Friday afternoon could not come soon enough.

As the obnoxious *insert anonymous name* department knock off work at 4.30pm with their exclusive snacks and drinking, admin continues tirelessly with the Fee Proposal that HAS to go out before the weekend that Management forgot about until just now (approx. 4.46pm). “Whoops, sorry Steff”.

I’m finally done. Knocking out a proposal in record time and finally feeling victorious as I kiss those Morgan signs goodbye and head off to my lonely car, the only one left in the car park and try not to skip or start singing Rebecca Black and realise that my job really isn’t that bad.