Such a cliche.

I am the biggest cliche. Proof is in the following bullet points.

  • I actually have weak knees. I find myself just randomly collapsing, causing me to look like a foolish school girl.
  • When I meet someone I respect/am attracted to, I clam up. I’m that stupid girl who gets tongue tied and sits still with nothing to say. That’s not even close to what I am like naturally.
  • I love romantic comedys.
  • I love good music, coffee, shopping, long walks on the beach and going to the movies.
  • I’m easily distracted by a great pair of high heels or a certain High School Musical star.
  • Top 5 Places to visit: Paris, Rome, New York, Cairo & Tahiti.
  • I like roses, and red ones too. In fact they are probably my favourite.
  • Take one look at my bedroom. Pinks, poster bed, oodles of cushions, elaborate clocks, lamps and a chandelier.
  • I actually have walked into buildings/poles, tripped over guitar cases/nothing because I am distracted by something. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, sometimes it actually is because I am checking out a good looking gentleman.

However, despite all these things. I’m one of the weirdest/unique/quirky people you’ll meet.

An apology

Dear feet,

I know it’s taken me many years to get around to doing this, but I am indeed stubborn, but some apology, although late, is better than no apology at all.

I want to sincerely apologise for all the torment I’ve put you through.

I buy senseless shoes and then force you to endure hours of ‘wearing in’ pain which you never asked for or necessarily deserved.

Due to my overall clumsiness, you are the thing I kick/smash/hurt the most. While my arms and fingers get a fairly good bashing, you are the thing I accidentally kick walls with, you are the guys who get trodden on (sometimes by myself) and battered and bruised.

Most of the time I forget to paint you regularly and therefore you look chipped and worn out, which you no doubt are.

I’m sorry about how much I love shoes. I wish for your sake, that I wore runners everywhere and that I provided you endless comfort. I’m sorry for my 21st birthday shoes. I know they were some of the worst times for you.

Unfortunately, despite this apology, and the fact that I can tell you are hurting even now.. as I type this.. this very second. I probably won’t stop.

Thank you that you don’t desert me. I know you don’t have a lot of choice, what with being attached to my legs and all. Still. I’m grateful.

Rest of Steffany’s body and Steffany’s crazy personality.