Such a cliche.

I am the biggest cliche. Proof is in the following bullet points.

  • I actually have weak knees. I find myself just randomly collapsing, causing me to look like a foolish school girl.
  • When I meet someone I respect/am attracted to, I clam up. I’m that stupid girl who gets tongue tied and sits still with nothing to say. That’s not even close to what I am like naturally.
  • I love romantic comedys.
  • I love good music, coffee, shopping, long walks on the beach and going to the movies.
  • I’m easily distracted by a great pair of high heels or a certain High School Musical star.
  • Top 5 Places to visit: Paris, Rome, New York, Cairo & Tahiti.
  • I like roses, and red ones too. In fact they are probably my favourite.
  • Take one look at my bedroom. Pinks, poster bed, oodles of cushions, elaborate clocks, lamps and a chandelier.
  • I actually have walked into buildings/poles, tripped over guitar cases/nothing because I am distracted by something. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, sometimes it actually is because I am checking out a good looking gentleman.

However, despite all these things. I’m one of the weirdest/unique/quirky people you’ll meet.

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