I wish that when I’m older and have my own house that it has the most amazing carpet. The kind of carpet that makes you so happy to sit on the floor when there are too many friends over to fit on the couch.

I wish that people really understood Christmas.

I wish that I could get a new hawt blog layout.

I wish for Jimmy Choos to wear on my wedding day.

I wish for unending amount so fairy lights that I could make a canopy of stars on my bedroom roof because really, I wish I could sleep outside all the time.

I wish for picnics that packed themselves and that weren’t crawling with ants that seem to love the taste of me.

I wish it costs $10 to do my hair and not $250.

I wish for the sun to not be so.. sunny? I wish that I weren’t so affected by the sun.

I wish that the arts wasn’t such a hard industry to be paid well in. That all my artistic friends could give up their lame day jobs and do what the want and still survive financially.

I wish that life had a backing track or theme music. I wish someone would write a musical about me and all my friends and that Zac Efron could star as my boyfriend because I wish that he was my boyfriend.

I wish for mangoes to be in season always.

I wish for lunch breaks to be 2 hours instead of 1.

I wish that they made more Seasons of Gilmore Girls.

I wish that I knew how to do what I wanted without being so afraid.

I wish that I could tell people what I really thought without being so afraid, or rude. I wish I didn’t have to think about all the things I wish I could tell people.

I wish that you would realise that while it seems I wish quite a lot, I’m really quite happy.

I wish that people knew that hope is real and that I believe in a thing called LOVE.


I feel like I’ve been waiting for this blog post my entire life, which is why it’s odd that it’s taken me a few weeks to get around to it. Maybe it’s the hype, you’re worried it won’t be as you imagined it would.

Getting onto the point. If you didn’t know that my best friend ever is Tegan Swanborough. Then, let’s be honest, you are pretty stupid. I like to brag about her constantly, so I’m stoked to announce that this babe has a brand spankin new blog.

The best thing about it is that I normally introduce a friends blog.. give them a bit of publicity.. and then they never ever ever post. Tegan has to be the most consistent new blogger that I’ve met. Averaging at least a post a week, you’ll enjoy this blog if you like interior design, arts and crafts, DIY, a giggle or if you simply love and adore all the cute and quirkiness that Tegan Swanborough – then check out My Favourite Colour is SHINY.

Meet Mrs S x and all her goodness now! Go go kids go!