Waking Up

I’m one of those people that tend to believe that the world operates exactly the way I operate. So if I am not a morning person, why are other people? Either way, I’m trying to be better at waking up and having a more regular sleeping pattern now that I am no longer on holidays.

These are the things I think when I first wake up.

  • Ugh. Was that the real alarm or did I just dream that the alarm went off?
  • What things do I have on today? Should I do my hair? If not, I can definitely sleep for longer. I do my hair approximately 1 day of the week.
  • Why did I watch that next episode of *insert any tv show name here*. It seemed worth it at the time, but clearly isn’t worth it now.
  • Is it Saturday? I could have sworn I got to sleep in today.
  • Do I feel sick? Do I feel tired enough that maybe it could be construed as sickness? I could then maybe justify a sick day.
  • How long has it been since my last sick day? Gee, I’m a good employee. The amount of times I make it to work considering how I feel in the morning is impressive.
  • Is it school holidays or a pupil free day? I can definitely sleep longer then.
  • I wonder what is happening on social media at this hour. Instagram, facebook, twitter. Turns out, not a lot since 11.30pm last night.
  • Did I dream about getting a message in the early hours of last night or was that for real? I can’t believe someone would message me at 12.30am.
  • Oh crap. It’s been half an hour since that alarm first went off and I’m still in bed. Me and that Snooze button, besties.

The only thoughts I should really have.

  • What a beautiful day.
  • I’m so grateful and thankful for the shower I can have, the breakfast I can consume and that I even have a bed to drag myself out of.
  • What a wonderfully fresh opportunity each new day brings.

I’m working on it.

One thought on “Waking Up

  1. I love this post.
    I think EVERY single thing that you do when I first wake up, especially ‘am I sick?’ and ‘do I need to do my hair?’. I don’t even need to start about ‘why did I watch that TV show?’. I ALWAYS end up awake an extra half hour watching a TV show only to wake up like a zombie.

    Totally agree with what we SHOULD be thinking though – guess i’ll work on it too!


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