A letter to my 16 year old self

I’ve seen this idea floating around social media/blogosphere lately but it was Sarah Starrenburg’s own post to her 20 year old self that caught my interest. Here is my own version.

Hey hot stuff,

Look, I’m going to be honest and I’ll set some things straight. I know that’s how you like it and trust me, nothing’s changed. You’re still getting frustrated with dishonest and fake people, so my advice to you is just to chill out about it. Be honest and true to yourself and everything will be fine.

Boys in 2012 are still boys as it turns out. If I could give you a piece of advice now it would be to stop trying to change them. They aren’t ready for you and actually, you aren’t ready for them either. I’d love it if you could focus a little bit more on you and your girlfriends. That’s more important. I’m really sorry about that broken heart. It WILL be fine. You WILL be able to laugh about it. You WILL learn.

I’m glad you don’t appear to be too stressed about your future plans and goals cos that’s all still up in the air. You should be focussed on who you are as a person, not what you will do.

Keep serving. Keep being faithful. Keep putting effort into relationships. It sucks right now and you feel like the only one who is committed to anything. It pays off.

Oh are you still reeling from the fact I called you hot stuff? I’m sorry you feel like nobody wants you and that might be because of the way you look or the way that you dress. You end up being someone who is comfortable in her own skin and is known for dressing that way as well. Jesus finds you extroadinarily beautiful, and you’ll reach a point where you learn that as truth.

These people that are currently hurting you at school. The gossip, the drama, the cliques. Don’t worry, you make better friends and you keep the best friends around. You meet amazing people who love you for you and who encourage you and make you a better person. Drama does fade. I know you hated it then, you hate it now. But you will grow up, and so will everyone else.

Be prepared to attend a lot of weddings as a single girl. It will be hard and beautiful all at the same time. Embrace seasons of confusion and pain. They are when you learn the most about yourself.

I’m so glad you know Jesus right now. Your life isn’t perfect and actually, it will be hard. But take it from someone who knows, you won’t be the girl of your own dreams if you don’t hold onto Him. Hold on tight. 

Oh, and start saving for Jimmy Choo’s now. I’d appreciate it.

Love, Steffany.

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