Weatherly advice

The other day I was driving home from work on a reasonably rainy afternoon. My car’s air conditioning stopped working about 6 months ago and I have just been making do without it. When I notice it most, is quite obviously, on 35 degree days or when it’s raining. The other day was a perfect combination of both. It was hot and my windows were getting foggy so it was necessary to have the windows down.

At a certain point the rain became quite heavy. I was annoyed. How frustrating to be in this situation. What a classic example of a first world problem. I soon realised that the rain was in fact cold and rather refreshing, if you just embraced it. So I wound my window all the way down and let the rain in.

It was amazing.

I can think of other such examples of times where you unexpectedly find yourself enjoying nature. When someone pushes you into water fully clothed. As long as you are sans mobile phone, it’s actually fairly amazing. You weren’t expecting the water, so it’s kind of awesome. You get caught in the rain and for reason you just can’t stop laughing while you try and escape. Being caught off guard can really catch you by surprise. Sometimes – feeling nature in it’s most natural state is so refreshing.

I think God loves to suprise us. I wasn’t expecting to experience the Lord because of my busted air conditioning. But the cool wind on my face and the rain drops on my cheeks (or let’s be honest, sometimes in my eyes) actually brought me closer to God.

So, let’s get crazy. Jump into a lake with your clothes on! Ditch the umbrella and go for a run in the rain! Turn off your A/C and let the wind rip through your hair! Let your feet get dirty as you feel soft grass between your toes!

Learn to learn a little from nature.

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