Grace Davis.

Mid last year I met a girl. Her name was Grace Davis and quite suddenly she became a big part of my life. Canadian and on a working holiday visa, her approach to life and her drive to meet new people was how our little friendship began.

Our relationship works because I like to make people laugh and Grace really likes to laugh. Mostly we laugh a lot. We also talk a lot. We talk so much that it wears us out. We share a mutual love for writing, discussing social media and how it affects culture, books, TVD, coffee and having an all around good time.

Grace is temporarily moving back to Canada to sort out a few things and the time she we will be away is uncertain. However I am not uncertain about our friendship or the connection that we share. Steph and I will sorely miss Grace and will now be severely outnumbered in the gender department. I think we shall probably make a cardboard cutout of Grace and we can take turn saying classic Grace phrases and make the ‘Grace Face’.

This post is an ode to Grace Davis. Thank you for 6 months of laughs and love. I look forward to an exceedingly sweet reunion.

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