Goodbye, Apathy

She woke up one day and threw away all her excuses – Unknown.

One of my friends who I admire most send me a postcard (she sends me things all the time because she’s so outstanding) and quoted this to me.

I’m so impressed with this notion, this thought, this quote. I’m so amazed at what an affect it’s had on me. I know I consciously made a decision to live without excuses this year but I’m amazed at the capacity these words have to drive me to action.

I guess for some people it’s music. Some people it’s art. For me, it’s words. A brilliant quote can change my perception on something. A kind text will literally make my day. These words written out on a postcard are quite literally changing my life.

Last week I threw away my excuses and bought tickets to one of the best live shows ever. On the weekend I threw away my excuses and planned a solo road trip to New South Wales. Today I threw away my excuses and purchased a ticket to a midnight screening of a movie despite having to work the next day.

What is holding you back? I’m not talking about those things that you are just too lazy to do, I don’t know if that quote will EVER encourage me to go out and buy a skipping rope and start jump roping an hour a day.. I’m talking about those things you just made lame excuses for. Money might be tight this week, will people think it’s odd going away by myself, I will be so exhausted at work the next day.

Each morning, I throw off my excuses and embrace this crazy thing called life.

So don’t you stop pushing me, I can take so much
So goodbye apathy, so long fancy free
Goodbye apathy, I don’t wanna be you.

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