Framed Fridays

I like to use the framing app on my iPhone to create little framed pictures. I often take more than one picture but of the same kind of thing or at the same event and I like to collate them. You may have noticed that if you follow me on instragram or that I ever like to do it for this blog. Either way, I’ve been a bit slack with posts lately and I have to admit it’s because I’ve been busy living. Busy working, busy with uni and busy with an almost too active social life. Here are some framed shots you might enjoy.

Apart from our hair colour which we kind of swapped and the obvious stunner factor – we’re basically the same people. I love my sister a lot!

Brother hangs, reading on a bed on a balcony and fun in the grass. Thank you McEwans.

SHOES! I love taking photos of my shoes!

Stefan’s parents came to town so we had a bit of a mid-week party. It was great.

I always find the prettiest things to take photos of!

I love this place, it’s people and the coffee.

Don’t mind a Saturday catch up with these long time lovelies.

Saturday Morning Saint Session.

Dance like Steff’s not taking pictures for her blog.

If it’s a public holiday and you HAVE to study.. you may as well study with friends nearby.

I don’t mind a good and colourful Swalisswasen evening.

I just really love coffee.

We went out for dinner and then off to the theatre to celebrate Brett’s 25th. These people are some of the best and I’m so lucky I get to spend time with them.

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