Tick Tick Check

It’s time for an update on that bucket list because I achieved an amazing amount of things in a ridiculously short space of time.


35. Go to a drive in theatre

65. Go to the ballet

75. Eat a tub full of icecream in one setting


These are all relatively easy things to achieve I just had never gotten around to doing them.

I ate an entire tub of icecream one horrific Thursday evening as I majorly stuffed up the final part of an assignment. I think the icecream was bought as incentive and after I gave up – I just ate the whole thing.

On the Friday night of the same week, to celebrate submitting said assignment plus another, I drove down the coast and went to the drive in movies with two favourites. It was raining for so much of it, and we sat in the back of a car and got our ankles wet. It was AWESOME. I will definitely do that again.

On the Saturday night… I went to the ballet. My sister was a dancer for a couple of years so I’ve definitely seem some ballet – but never actually at this level. A bunch of friends dressed up and we went to Don Quixote at QPAC. While I’m definitely more of a theatre girl – I really loved it. It was beautiful and impressive. I got laughed at for my lack of knowledge of the ballet by the two obnoxious people in front of us and I STILL had a good time. What I’d love to do next is the Opera. I could go to QPAC every weekend and not get sick of it.

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