Hello loyal, new and random blog readers.

I’m not exactly sure why you stop by here. It’s possible we’re friends and you just want to support me or see what’s been happening in my life. It’s possible you’ve randomly stumbled across this and maybe you’re a chronic blog reader and you just followed cos it wasn’t all bad. Or maybe, and hopefully, you read this blog because every now and then you’ve stumbled across something that meant something to you.

Lately I’ve been challenged about my writing. I think writing is really important. I think it’s important for me and I think it’s important for others. I feel like I learn so much about myself, the people around me and the Father that I serve through writing – and it’s my hope and prayer that you do too.

I’ve been thinking and pondering and spending a bit of time refocusing my blog lately – and while I love the crazy random things that can end up here from time to time, I really feel a pull towards pieces like Copeland, Hanging by a Moment and Hope and Breaking. Pieces that mean something to me.

While thinking about, well, myself if I’m honest and this blog these are the words that came to mind.

Irrepressible, Intentional and Immovable.

I’ll be taking a little more time with .Steffany. and making the above words more prominent and so if that means I’ve lost a few readers, or there’s more time between posts – well, at least I gave you a heads up right?

As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback and obviously, your views. Thanks to the silent fans. Thanks to those people who in that moment when I nearly hit ‘Delete Blog’ that you gave me a kind word of encouragement. Its because of your words and my sheer love of writing – that nearly seven years later this blog is still kicking.

This sounds like a thank-you for the memories/goodbye speech – but really it’s actually the beginning.

What a fun adventure we shall have.

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