When the right thing feels so wrong.

I think we spend our life making choices. Big decisions and little ones too. I make a lot of bad decisions. Not normally on purpose, normally it’s due to tiny little not great decisions that ended up being a big bad decision. But every now and then, I find myself doing the right thing. Making the right choice. I think I’ve realized why making good decisions can be difficult and why we don’t always do it and that’s because so often, doing the right thing feels so wrong.

Good decisions are hard. I’m not talking about decisions like what you’ll have for lunch today and picking Nandos over Grill’d or something like that. Most of the best decisions you’ll ever make – are hard ones. A choice to stop doing something you shouldn’t have been doing. A choice to start doing something that you’ve been avoiding. A choice to put others before yourself. The decision to actually be selfless. The decision to end a bad relationship. Making the decision to risk it all and start a relationship.

The hardest thing about doing the right thing is that nobody knows how hard it was to do the right thing. You stood up for a friend and got burnt for it. You sacrificed your desires for the sake of someone you love and they don’t even know. You were exceedingly anonymously generous. Doing the right thing is hard because you’re normally doing it alone. Doing the right thing means sacrificing “self” for others.

Doing the right thing pays off. I know it does. If you decided to give up an addiction to something, it’s hard – but it was the right choice and it will pay off. You decided to get counseling for that hurt that has never gone away. You said yes, went the extra mile and even further for a friend who didn’t really realize what it cost you. You’ve been dating that no good for you guy/girl and you finally ended it. You said yes to a relationship even though you’re scared of being hurt – it’s hard, but it was the right decision and it will all pay off in the end.

In the end. That’s the key word isn’t it? Sometimes the end seems like a long way off. Sometimes doing the right thing is just too painful to be worth anything, even in the end. You look around at all the terrible choices people are making and somehow they are still succeeding and you’re pretty sure it’s not worth it.

If you were about to give up. Don’t.
If you weren’t sure it was worth it. It is.
If you were about to make the wrong, easy choice. Please don’t.
If you weren’t sure whether to make a stand. Stand strong.

If doing the right thing was easy – we’d all be doing it and life would be a lot easier. I don’t know when it will pay off, but it will. It might not be today and it might not be tomorrow, but it will.

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