I always thought that as you get older, your passion for things would wane. I thought that as a late teenager my passion for travel, for new things would never be stronger, so it always striked me as odd that the desire was never that strong. I was shocked to find that as I got older, my passion for new and different places actually grew. I wanted to explore, to see more, do more. This passion hasn’t led me very far across the globe yet but I find myself very drawn to the road and to airports. Something that leads you somewhere. Places that take you places.

Despite my urge for adventure, I flew into Brisbane last night after a trip away and felt a very distinct and yet surprising feeling.


Brisbane, feels like home. Home is most definitely a feeling, an emotion. I felt home as I walked through the terminal. I felt home as the rain fell on my face and I was picked up. I felt home as I slid into my bed and closed my eyes after a wonderful weekend. Despite my craving for something else, this felt like home.

I think sometimes we mistake familiarity for home and I think that is a mistake. It’s easy enough to do, familiarity often means safety and we often feel safe when we are at home. It’s easier to collect my baggage at the Brisbane airport because I’ve done it 30 times before. It’s easier to drive to my house because I know the streets, I know the way. It’s easier to fall asleep in your own bed because you do that every night. But I don’t think familiarity and home are the same.

Familiarity breeds contempt, laziness and the safety of it all can keep you bound up and driving around and around the same life you weren’t meant to live in. Home, however is where your heart lives. I felt home when I arrived last night because the people I loved most, are in Brisbane. Collecting my baggage quickly at the gate meant I could see my family quicker. Falling asleep in my own bed meant I would wake up to people I loved. A home is a place of love, encouragement and nurture and it should build  you up and prepare you to be propelled into whatever God has called you to. Whether that is here, or elsewhere.

Familiarity breeds an unhealthy attitude of safety – where you never try anything so you never fail.
Home creates an environment where its okay to fail – it allows you to try, knowing home is your safety net.

I know now that I probably won’t end up in this place in the end and that is scary for me. But it’s also really wonderful. I know wherever I end up and whenever I end up there, I’ll have been lovingly sent.

For me, for now, this place is home. This city, its my hearts resting place.


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