3 Tips for Dealing with ‘Blah’

Have you ever had a blah day? I think we probably all have had one of those days, maybe on average they happen once a week or a once a fortnight (most likely depending on whether you’re naturally optimistic or pessimistic).

What about a really super blah day? Hopefully those happen less frequently but they are unfortunately unavoidable.

What about when the super blah sucky turns into a season? Yep, that’s tough and definitely hard to deal with.

I’ve experienced all three of these blah encounters and while I’m not expert – here’s the three things I’ve tried and that have helped me deal with the blah.

Be kind to someone else

There’s a tendency when life isn’t going your way to focus all your attention and energy on your problems. It’s natural and incredibly human however not incredibly helpful long term. I’ve found the quickest way to feel better about your own drama is to help someone else through theirs. It might be making someone a cup of tea at work. Offering to pick up some lunch or offering an encouraging compliment. My favourite thing of late is to donate. All you have to do is go online and peruse your Facebook feed and find some organisation or gofundme page that you can support. It doesn’t have to be much (so often I just do $5 or $10) but just something that takes the focus away from you and gives hope to someone else. I guarantee you’ll feel at least a little better after helping someone else.

Be kind to yourself

This one is pretty easy to figure out and you would know best what this looks like. It might be a block of chocolate for dinner or a night free of chores and sitting down with a feel good movie. Give yourself a mini break – figuratively, emotionally – whatever works best for you. The hardest part about this is often overcoming the thought that you can’t take a break or you don’t deserve to. This becomes even more apparent the longer the season lasts. The gritty-ness of it all can trick you into thinking that you don’t deserve it. That you just have to grin a bear it. You can’t afford to be kind to yourself. There’s too much to do. There’s no money for that block of chocolate.

Being kind to yourself long-term is hard work. Hard work is often the last thing you feel like doing when you’re at the end of your rope. I’m still working on this one but quite often I have found that it’s not about the chocolate or the day off – it’s about being kind to your soul. Telling yourself you are capable. Telling yourself that you can conquer the mountain. Loving yourself even when you don’t feel particularly loveable. Tough stuff folks but so incredible important when you’re going through a rough patch/life.


Run. Walk (briskly). Skip. Jump. Dance. Swim. I dislike all of those things (except dancing) and it’s the last thing I feel like doing (much prefer the chocolate option) when I’ve had a bad day, week, year – but I ALWAYS feel better when I do.

Hopefully this helps you through a blah day or phase and that you’re on your way to an impromptu dance party right now.

A Blah Day: A more fun and courteous way of saying ‘a bad day’ rather than many other alternatives that you can substitute in if you wish.

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