Things I’ve learnt from OTH.

Say what you will, I like One Tree Hill.

Maybe it’s because it’s just one of those shows that you sort of grew up with, so you’ll love it no matter what happens.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that it’s important to express yourself.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, almost everything good that I know about music. Every unique artist, I found on One Tree Hill.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, the 5 stages of grief.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that hoes are over bro’s and clothes are over bro’s too. Thanks B.Davis.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that love triangles are a bad idea. I was Team Leyton fyi.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that tours break up relationships.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that substance abuse is bad, so are bar fights.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that real life, is no where near as dramatic as, One Tree Hill.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that no parental supervision for teenagers, is a bad move.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that music has an amazing power to heal.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that love conquers all. Always and forever.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that people can be good and evil all at the same time.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that you should never podcast intimate details about your life.

I have learnt from watching One Tree Hill, that family is more important than anything. 

A Short Note

Hello blog readers!

I’m so happy to announce that there are more than 5 people who read this blog. January proved to be one of the best months I’ve had in terms of consistently higher views that I’ve had since 2009. So just a quick note to say THANKS.

I’ve been trying to put a lot more thought and time into my blog and it’s so hard to blog this consistently without a set theme like travel updates or gorgeous interior design shots and without .. well.. the ability to draw at all. This blog is very personal and it makes me very happy to know people like to read what’s here.

In February you can look forward to the following things.

  • An update on my ‘The Last Single Girl’ list. I’ve crossed a few things off which I’m excited about.
  • My Top Ten Tips for being a better receptionist.
  • Quotes from yours truly.
  • A book review or two.
  • ‘The Hunt for True Love’.
  • More random thoughts, pictures and insight into moi.

Most of the time, I love this blog. It’s been a lovely part of the last 6 years and I’m glad you like it too.



An apology

Dear feet,

I know it’s taken me many years to get around to doing this, but I am indeed stubborn, but some apology, although late, is better than no apology at all.

I want to sincerely apologise for all the torment I’ve put you through.

I buy senseless shoes and then force you to endure hours of ‘wearing in’ pain which you never asked for or necessarily deserved.

Due to my overall clumsiness, you are the thing I kick/smash/hurt the most. While my arms and fingers get a fairly good bashing, you are the thing I accidentally kick walls with, you are the guys who get trodden on (sometimes by myself) and battered and bruised.

Most of the time I forget to paint you regularly and therefore you look chipped and worn out, which you no doubt are.

I’m sorry about how much I love shoes. I wish for your sake, that I wore runners everywhere and that I provided you endless comfort. I’m sorry for my 21st birthday shoes. I know they were some of the worst times for you.

Unfortunately, despite this apology, and the fact that I can tell you are hurting even now.. as I type this.. this very second. I probably won’t stop.

Thank you that you don’t desert me. I know you don’t have a lot of choice, what with being attached to my legs and all. Still. I’m grateful.

Rest of Steffany’s body and Steffany’s crazy personality.

A day in the life of Steffany.

A little while ago my delightful friend Hannah posted something on her new blog Miss Pinches about a day in the life of Hannah. It entailed a typical day for her at university. The other day I took a couple of shots throughout the day and have decided to the do the same thing for my work day.

The day begins with a few too many hits on that snooze button and results in a later than planned start to the day. Despite knowing with my head that I need almost exactly an hour to get ready everday, my heart or physical body doesn’t want to comply and I leave myself only enough time to shower and blow dry my fringe. Thus resulting in me doing my makeup in the car.

I arrive at work to a barrage of emails. All work related. Tegan is away on her honeymoon and as such, I will have no Stegan entertainment throughout the day. I proceed to make my way through anything left over from the day before, and any new work coming in. Training means my phone still rings hot, even though I’m not longer sitting at Reception.

Today my day means a date with the abovementioned Hannah Pinches which makes everything a little bit better. We had Italian outdoors which was a welcome change.

Often I need to do errands and I get to use one of the Company’s Mazda’s 6’s. Which is a car size I am used to driving. Today I needed to go and pick out some new office chairs and to collect them, needed a bigger car. So they made me drive the big ute. It was an adventure all on it’s own.

White chocolate was necessary to get me through 3.30itus. Friday afternoon could not come soon enough.

As the obnoxious *insert anonymous name* department knock off work at 4.30pm with their exclusive snacks and drinking, admin continues tirelessly with the Fee Proposal that HAS to go out before the weekend that Management forgot about until just now (approx. 4.46pm). “Whoops, sorry Steff”.

I’m finally done. Knocking out a proposal in record time and finally feeling victorious as I kiss those Morgan signs goodbye and head off to my lonely car, the only one left in the car park and try not to skip or start singing Rebecca Black and realise that my job really isn’t that bad.


I’ve been MIA for the last little while, so here’s what’s new with me.

I went to Tasmania for week. It was lovely and my cousin’s wedding was lovely.

Images Courtesy of Kristy Lockwood Photography

I got promoted! I am now no longer a Receptionist. Doing some more intense admin work. It’s proving to be quite full on and my head wants to explode a bit. But every time I get stressed, I think about the people coming in for interviews, and that I was only doing that 6 weeks ago to be a temp. And look at me now!

I got a fringe! Was bored on Sunday afternoon and Georgia had a go at it. It’s now sitting quite funny, but it looked ok at the time. I haven’t had a fringe since I was 2 years old.. so this is very new for me.

Nicole Steers is engaged. I live with two engaged people now, which proves to be, well, a lot of wedding talk! Haha. But it’s very exciting and she is going to look stunning!

That’s all for now.. Might hit you back later with a little bit something something.



Last night and also this morning I was feeling a very great  many things that I could and wanted to use as a facebook or twitter update. So here they are in list form.

  • I just spent $100 at the grocery store. I am one person – how do I cost this much?
  • I just spent $100 filling up my car with petrol. Actually I didn’t even fill it all up – I stopped at $100. Should have bought a small car.
  • Thanks to the trolley guy who saw my confused look and my obviously intential pout as I was looking for where to leave my trolley. He came and collected it from me personally.
  • Farmer Wants a Wife is a very weird show. I still don’t really understand what’s going on and it frustrates me quite a bit.
  • When you have to look left, then right, then left again to cross your own street – it’s time to move back to the sticks.
  • It’s very possible I’m the worst uni student ever. Week three and I’m yet to start anything.
  • If you go to put your bodywash in your hair and put your underwear on back to front – then it’s probably time to start getting some more sleep.
  • Why is it you always notice the ladders in your stockings after you’ve left for work.
  • Playing words with friends with friends is good, but playing words with friends with your Dad is the best. I miss him.
  • “Cos I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it”. I see what you’re doing here Rhianna. Very .. clever? Songs that like that should be banned from the radio. Or from ears.
  • Today I wanted to wear a scarf, beanie and gloves. Our office is so cold cos my boss likes the air conditioning down. His solution to complaints – bring a jacket. I’ll show him.

Odds & Bobs

Firstly I’d really like to apologise to my loyal blog readers. I’ve been very slack and I’ve  just mentally slapped myself for being possibly the worst blogger around. I promised posts this year and I have failed to deliver. In what I realise is a very feeble attempt to attain acceptance and forgiveness – I do regularly update my two other blogs that I’m currently working on. You can check them out below – they promise to be much more regular and consistent.

Pretty pictures and guilty pleasures –

365 Grateful project –

However it normally just take a cute little comment or request from someone before I realise that I actually miss legitimate blogging with real words and real thoughts.

Lately I’ve been loving listening to the new Adele album. She’s got such a stunningly interesting voice and such creative melodies and I’m really enjoying her songs. It’s also made me realise that when I’m in my car alone and completely unaware of the world around me (apart from traffic and the like) and free from judgement – I’m a seriously awesome singer. Who knew I could hit those notes. Granted.. can’t do it as soon as the car ride is over. So you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

My best friend and my other best friend got engaged the other week – to each other. So I’m still pretty jazzed about that. The whole overuse of the word ‘fiance’ hasn’t worn off yet, we still chat about the ring and how crazy life will be once she’s married’. Dang. I’m just so happy about it.

I quit my job on Friday. It was sort of a long time coming and for reason, really just felt it was time to leave. 100% peaceful, but 80% think it was the right decision, and 20% think.. ‘You crazy – you don’t have another job to go to’. I think it’s really important to do something every now and then that it’s fully reliant on yourself. It’s sometimes a good idea not to have a backup plan. Already God is speaking to me so much more cos I gave him space to speak. So I’m on the lookout for a new opportunity. It might look similar to what I’m doing now – or rather different. Either way – I’m very open.

I’ve got a big tv crush on Agent Seeley Booth (aka David Boreanaz). You’d really  have to watch Bones to really understand what I’m talking about.

Who knew Nando’s had cous cous salad?

Love is to risk not being loved in return – Unknown

That’s all for now my lovelies. I hope to see you soon!


Hi blogging friends,

I just entered a cool competition where if I won – I would get the opportunity to be a bit of a travel blogger. Free Stuff For A Year is a competition where the winner of each state gets to participate in random activities for a year and then blog about it. I’d love to have such an awesome opportunity to write and to experience cool and different stuff.

If you’ve ever at any time appreciated this blog – or me, or even if you haven’t. I’d love it if you’d vote for me.

Head here to vote and I’ll love you forever!


Everyday at work I have to type the date multiple times – and by multiple, I mean like 200 times. So I was very excited today when I got to type the date


December is without a doubt – the great month of the year. After a fairly dodgy November, I am even more excited than normal to welcome this festive month. 31 days of Christmas orientated activities – what could be more brilliant than that.

Reasons for a great December!

  • Christmas lights. By December, anyone who is gonna do Christmas lights – has them up! This year my Mum is using her Solar Power Christmas lights. Saving the planet and looking pretty at the same time. Yay for Mumma Willis!
  • PANTO! It’s a pure priviledge to be involved in this year’s Christmas Panto ‘Neverland Christmas’. Rehearsals have been underway for nearly two months now and it really helps me get into the Christmas mood! It should be a brilliant weekend – Dec 18 & 19 @ Nexus Church.
  • Christmas shopping. Being a gifts person, I love love shopping for presents. I never seem to have the money that I’ve been allocating to Christmas presents all year long. But doing it on a budget is kind of fun too – I love thinking about what a person would really love to receive at Christmas. I choose to ignore the crowds and the awful parking and just focus on the fact that there are Christmas decorations and Christmas music everywhere!
  • Christmas movies. Christmas movies get played on the tv and at the movies and I love to snuggle in under a blanket (in cranked air con) and pretend it’s snowing here like it is in all the Christmas movies. Favourite is definitely The Santa Claus with Tim Allen. But there are other goodies as well!
  • Wrap up parties. Everything is having a break up and it’s fun to go to so many parties. Looking forward to the reverb break up – Dec 10th – dont’ miss it!
  • Christmas baking.
  • Christmas services – Nexus does such a brilliant job! Looking forward to that.
  • Family – so much of both sides of my family are going to be around this Christmas. Special mention goes out to my Aunty Deanne from the States who hasn’t been home in 4 years!
  • Weather – things aref finally warming up this summer. Will be nice to hit the beach once or twice. I shall try not to get skin cancer while I’m outside.
  • HOLIDAYS! Arghhh – I can’t wait for work holidays. This year we are closing the office on the 23rd.. which means I get Christmas Eve off! Which hasn’t happened in so long!

Ah December.. you make me happy!