Birthday No. 17

Did I tell you it was birthday month or did I tell you?

Today Tegan celebrates her first birthday as a Swanborough and her 17th birthday since we have been friends. However she is actually 23 years old. For approximately six months we are the same age and I’ll presume she agrees but these are probably the best 6 months of the year.

Reasons why Tegan Swanborough is worth a full post on her birthday:

  • She is my No. 1 blog supporter so it is only fitting that she gets mentioned here. We like to discuss stats, new features, how many drafts, the difficulties of photo arrangements, tagging, where our viewers come from and how often is it actually appropriate to spam everyone about each other.
  • She is no longer with me. That sounds morbid but actually, she’s just in Melbourne for a long weekend with Blaine. However it’s still a little bit sad because this is probably the first birthday since her 18th that we haven’t spent together. Sad. We shall make up for it soon.
  • She is the MOST consistent person. That’s my favourite quality in people and she has it down. She is the same person, with minimal changes (apart from the good changes) as she was when I first met her.
  • She’s so talented. You should check out her blog My Favourite Colour is SHINY to see some of the things she can create. This isn’t even the half of it.
  • She did the best thing possible to preserve our friendship even further, she married my other best friend Blaine Swanborough. Hanging out with both of them is basically like hanging out with Tegan on her own. Which is awesome.
  • She knows me. Like actually knows me and still loves me. WHAAT?
  • She’s been a part of every big moment of my life, good and bad.
  • She is a babe. And that can be made clear by the following pictures.

All the best in friendship,

STEgan. xo







March Madness

Things I can be thankful for/excited about in March:

  • The opportunity to celebrate. I think everyone I know is born in March! That’s probably the first lie I’ve told on this blog because so many people are born in July too. But March is an especially big birthday month for me, which is great, I love celebrating people and birthdays.
  • University. Look, I don’t always love university. In fact, mostly I don’t. But I CAN be grateful for it. I start a new major (I think it’s actually more of a minor but I can never tell with my uni) this year and I think it will be a big challenge.
  • I’m grateful for grace. I think I will need God’s grace this month. So many things, so little time.
  • I’m excited about the Hunger Games movie which comes out in March. I LOVED these books and I think they actually won’t destroy them in the movie. I get goosebumps every time I see the trailer and I’m so glad March is here.
  • I’m excited for sweet little moments. I’ve been having so many moments lately where I am so overwhelmed by life. Someone will let me know how much they love this blog and I just die a little with happiness. God whispers in my ear that he’s proud of me and I die a little with happiness. Someone sends me a text that just makes me laugh so hard that I die a little with happiness.
  • I’m grateful for the last year when I’ve been able to see my brother every weekend. He moves to Sydney this month and our relationship will be long distance, along with my Dad. It really sucks to have half your family live in another state but I’m know I’m still lucky.
  • I’m grateful that once Pierson does move, the 4th bedroom will return to the old scrapbooking/study room that I know and love.
  • I’m excited about COLD weather! Well, not freezing weather, but I’m grateful that the sticky, sweltering Queensland summer is on it’s way out. I love scarves and jackets and I want them in my life.
  • I’m so grateful for how wonderfully happy I feel nearly all the time. I’m excited about life and what all of Autumn holds.. but I will especially appreciate and enjoy March, because it is here now.

Happy March everyone! I hope it’s the perfect mix of warm days and pleasantly cool evenings.

Love and hot cups of tea,



Welcome to the new year!

I love New Years. I’m so big on reflection so New Years is the perfect time to sit and reflect upon the year that way and the year that will be. I love thinking about all the big things that happened, all the small things, the people that I met, the events, the moments, the hard times, the good times. I love to think about it all, remember the things I’m thankful for and all the good things I have to look forward to.

2011 in summary.

My best friend got engaged to my other best friend. What a day that was.

I went brunette!

My beautiful Laura got engaged to her man.

Davey and Mel got married and we had a family holiday in Tasmania.

I got a blunt fringe and learnt how to colour coordinate with my friends.

Countless engagement parties.

Dress up parties.

A year of these ladies in this house.

Milestone birthdays with friends.

Milestone birthdays with family.

Front row seats to my best friends wedding.

Birthday picnics for me.

This girls wedding!

Georgia is all grown up and graduated. Oh.. and stunning at her formal.

I got to be a part of this special girls most special day. What a treat.

I went on my very first but hopefully not my last cruise.

If I had to summarise this year I would use two words, weddings and Canada. The people in the picture above have all moved to Australia from Canada and have been such a huge part of why I had a great year. Some of them I have known years.. some.. only 2 months. But they are so critical to why I am so happy. Some of my best friends got married this year and I was a big part of their days.

2011 was a crazy amazing year.

2012 is clear, fresh and unwritten. I can’t wait to see what words I’ll use to describe it, what pictures I’ll have to share. If you can’t wait either, you should stayed tuned to this blog. I promise to make regular (ish) updates on what will be a rockin year.

Cheers, love and hugs. Cos turns out I’m more of a touch person than I realised.

twenty three

In honour of me and my 23rd birthday.

Twenty Three Things I still have to look forward to.

  1. Coming home to my own house.
  2. Coming home to a husband.
  3. Graduating university.
  4. Cruising the seas with my sister.
  5. Deciding what to name my kids.
  6. Meeting my sponsor child.
  7. Actually writing that book.
  8. Changing my last name on facebook.
  9. Becoming crazy Aunty Steff.
  10. Buying my first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.
  11. Actually owning every single season of Gilmore Girls.
  12. My last first date.
  13. Buying a brand new car.
  14. Long Service Leave.
  15. Learning how to not throw up when my kids bleed on everything.
  16. Learning how to not throw up.
  17. Watching the rest of my friends get married.
  18. Getting married.
  19. Taking a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  20. When my blog hits 1 million views.
  21. My 30th birthday party speech.
  22. When I finally get the nerve to go skinny dipping.
  23. When I’m 46, which is 23×2 and being equally as happy about my life then as I am now.

September Wrap Up

Have been a bit MIA lately and that’s due to busy weekends and busy weeks filled with all kinds of different delights that I might post up soon including some pictures of my birthday and birthday gifts.

Got to catch up with Pierson on the weekend for a bit and it was SO good to see him. Also managed to get some footage of him for my ‘LIFE’ movie. Oh I haven’t told you about that? I’m making a movie of my life. Actually, more like my life lately as I haven’t been filming for the last 22 years. Would really love a better camera for filming.. my camera actually does a great job, but something to do with the format.. I have to convert it to use on my mac, and when I convert it, the quality drops. Not sure why anyone would want to know that?

In the meantime.. please enjoy – if you haven’t already seen it, my Hillsong 2010 movie.

Saw Charlie St Cloud on my birthday. Went mostly cos I love a bit of Zac Efron in my life, and especially on my birthday.

Was a bit of a strange sort of movie with an interesting (strange) kind of plot line. The character of Charlie St Cloud was pretty believable. Despite the fact that he talks to ghosts, he doesn’t come across as too ridiculous. Wasn’t as sad as I thought it was going to be either. Two girls were chatting about the movie as we left the cinema and one girl was all ‘Wow, I’ve never heard Zac talk so much, didn’t like that at all’. Haha! However I think Mr Efron’s acting skills have definitely improved and I think I’ll love anything he does – BUT I still prefer him as Troy Bolton. You really can’t beat the cheesy over the top HSM.

three stars

In other news, university is kind of crazy at the moment hence the lack of blogging. I realise that I don’t blog when I’m busy, I blog when I’m bored. Mostly finished a presentation off on the weekend, and just got one more big assignment before I’m done with assignments for the year. I think I just have one exam and then I’m done for a while.

I got two pairs of shoes from Blaine and Tegan for my birthday! Below is the pair I could find a picture of online! How lucky am I?

Finish Line

Finish that sentence..

I feel blessed because.. tomorrow is pay day, I’m so grateful for a job that pays me money.

I feel excited about.. my birthday! It’s in 13 days and I’ve got the day off and it’s going to be amazing!

I feel loved when.. people buy or make me gifts! Probably why I’m so excited about my birthday.

I feel hurt if.. I log onto my blog and the stats are at zero. I shouldn’t care about these things but the stats have definitely dropped as of late.

I feel tired because.. I got up early today to have breakfast before work and.. well.. I don’t sleep enough.

I feel peace when.. I’m in the will of God. Sometimes that’s a hard thing to judge, but mostly it’s a gut feeling. Peace is a gut feeling.

I feel challenged about.. the ice-cream I ate today.

I love this image because.. I love the idea of the traditional side of ballet mixed with something random like the beach. Tutu’s and sand don’t normally go together, but that’s why I love it.

Clean white love

I took these snaps over the last day or two.. just a bit of photo loving from the iPhone.


I love post its. It’s kind of fun to make an accordian with your post its.

I love friends and friends birthdays and friends birthdays by the fire.

I love cheap new work shoes that feel like flats but have a heel.

I love how perfectly my furniture matches my new house, I also love photos.

September Summary


Books Read: Max Lucado – No Wonder they call Him Saviour & Max Lucado – Six Hours One Friday

Clothes Bought: I bought a birthday dress and shoes. Yikes those shoes are painful, but beautiful.

Consumed Music: I got some itunes vouchers for my birthday, so I purchased a bit of music this month. I also made a 21st playlist, which meant I downloaded a classic song from every year I was born. Some highlights included Seal – Kissed by a Rose, Simply Red – If you dont’ know me by now, and Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious. With the vouchers I bought the new Paramore album – can’t wait to see them live. And also a few other random songs from The Almost, Alexisonfire who I’ll also be seeing live next year.

Birthdays: Birthdays are pretty big in September. Happy Birthday to Aunty Kerrie, Nathan, Amy, Kelly, Beth, Dave, Sarah, Chetti and most likely others.  Highlights were obviously Laura’s 21st party, which was black and white cocktail themed. Nathan’s 21st which saw hand made candleabra’s set on fire. And my own 21st — which saw my hair set on fire. Accidentally thankfully.

Films Watched: The Surrogates (pretty thought provoking) … and I think that’s all.

Lessons Learned: Lots of hard work and planning can’t necessarily guarantee a successful party. I think successful parties are basically flukes. Cakes can cost a fair bit. Fasting is difficult. Tea is amazing.

Birthday Gifts

A secret blog reader made herself know at my birthday and suggested that I do a blog about my birthday presents. I don’t really like unwrapping presents in front of people, but people still like to see what you got. I got lucky.

Bec's Birthday Gift

My delicious wall clock from Rebecca Mumberson and Nathan Whitecross, soon to be Mr & Mrs Whitecross. I love love it.


I super duper wanted new pyjamas. So I got this lovely voucher for Peter Alexander from Michelle, Clair and Jess. Delightful!


This is half my present from my beautiful sister, Georgia. Narnia books and my favourite ring.


Wow! I love this! From my Aunty Wendy, Uncle Ian and cousins Mitch & Maddy!


Beautiful flowers from beautiful Amy!


I seriously love this bag like I seriously love the Greenwood’s.


My little pamper pack from Luke and Brie!


Zab gives a decent gift! I always need these!


Laura’s awesome wrapping.


Just delightful! The Fraser’s gave me this gift which I should have opened before I cut the cut. But I love it a lot anyway.


Ben Seymour won big points with this present.


You can’t really tell from the picture, but that is like the most amazing candle you have ever seen. And the massage will be the most amazing pain I’ve experience in a while.


Delicious perfume from Ruth and Steve xo


Seriously, what is a birthday party for if not to stock up your jewellery collection! Love these Clint and Joelle. I’m sure Clint did the picking though.


I actually need more photo frames. Thanks Dave Stay. Your birthday is at a very cool time of year.


Liz and Josh. Books. Jane Austen. Things I really really like.


I love this. Blaine, Matt & Rachel and Courtenay gave me this lovely Royal Albert collection of loveliness. I seriously love tea hey, thanks so so much!



Thank you Casey, Kristen & Jayden, Dan, Amy, Kelly, Chloe and Aj for this! Seriously! Yahoo!


It’s hard to show in a picture how amazing this really is. It was wrapped amazingly also. Sarah and Sarah are good present givers.


Thank you Anna and John! Timed this present perfectly for my party!


Vase also from John and Anna. Flowers from Sarah. 🙂

These are just some of the delightful things I received. Parental presents deserve their own post.

Thanks so much everyone. xoxox

July Summary

I can’t believe it’s time for another summary!


Books Read: Woah – even less this month. I need to read more. Just ‘Sense and Sensibility’ by Jane Austen.

Clothes Bought: Sunglasses! That’s it!

Consumed Music: Downloaded the new Hillsong Album as it came out this month – it’s pretty great. Also downloaded a few Naturally 7 songs – they are crazy awesome, especially live! 

Films Watched: THE PROPOSAL! Which maybe needs a whole post on it’s own because I loved it so much. Perhaps it was the mood I was in, perhaps it was the funny/cute storyline, perhaps it was Ryan Reynolds – I’m not sure exactly why – but it was amazing! Hands down best romantic comedy I’ve seen in ages! And I’m sorry if I’ve just totally built it up for you.

Recipies Mastered: In my head I’m making that sound that happens on game shows when you get something incorrect.

Lessons Learned: More than half the world hates their lives – and they kind of have reason to. Milk belongs in the fridge and not in the glasses cupboard – late night mind having a blank with that one.

Lessons specifically from Hillsong.

“Have a faith that produces, love that prompts and a hope that inspires” – Brian Houston

“Don’t be tempted to blame yourself from the decline, otherwise you’ll want to credit yourself for the increase” – Craig Groeschel

“Pray as if everything depends on God and act as if everything depends on you” – Matt Maher

“Life is not always about the buffet” & “Christ does the hope of glory without you, just fine!” – Louie Giglio

And everything about Jentezen Franklin’s sermon about drinkers!

Hillsong 09


Also — heaps of people that are really super cool had their birthday this month.

Laura, Ben, Will, Matt, Chare, Blaine, Ruth and Mum! Happy Birthday! xo