One blog at a time..

Yeah, I got a new blog.

I know right? Whaaat? Like I need another blog, I can barely keep up with this one.

I started a new 365 grateful style project entitled ‘The Best Part‘ and I’m eager to share it with you. Essentially it’s a photo of the moment in my day which I stopped and thought ‘This is the best part of my day’. I’ve got a fancy new iPhone now so hopefully the picture quality will be better and you’ll enjoy a little snapshot into my life.

Go ahead and add to your list of blogs to follow. It will at least be more consistent that this old thing.


Follow Friday

Blogs you should check out.

Miss Pinches.

My lovely friend Hannah is an amazing blogger. Now that she has an amazing camera by her side, her blog has been ever better. She’s a brilliant list maker and pulls insight out of the smallest things. It’s wonderful to read because I know her and is a great way to keep in touch with her life, but basically, Miss Pinches is for the masses. I laugh and appreciate this blog so much.

My Favourite Colour is SHINY.

This girl can’t be stopped. Like literally, we are looking at a post every single day. So many people start blogs and then stop posting after ooo.. 5 posts. Tegan is getting set to hit 100 already! People who love design and beautiful images will get a kick out of this blog along with some personal insights as well. Hands up if you never want the blogging to end? *both of my hands literally went up*.

William + Laura

I’ll be honest and say that both William and Laura are individually great bloggers. But perhaps not as consistent posters on their own blogs as they are on their couple blog. This blog is pretty darn cute and I think every couple would read it thinking ‘I wish our lives were cool/photographable enough to warrant a couple blog’. Lately they’ve been showcasing their wedding shots which are pretty amazing. I even feature – so you should head on over there and love a little on that blog.

Sarah Starrenburg

If you’re looking for intelligent writing, prose, theological thoughts and other wonderous things I wish I could come up with in my head. You should read Sarah’s blog. She posts daily which for a pure writing blog – is AMAZING. I wish I could write like that. I think everyone does. Except Sarah, she probably wishes she could write better. Sarah is one of my longtime favourite people and is one of the most consistent people I know. Her blog is equally as consistent.

Kendi Everyday

This is my favourite fashion blog. Kendi reminds me of friends I already do have and makes me wish I could be her friend and steal things from her wardrobe. She posts a daily (get it!) outfit and other miscellaneous things thrown in. I think her style is wonderful, realistic, classy and I’m super envious of her hair. Ladies, you won’t regret subscribing to Kendi Everyday.

Girl Removed

This blog belongs to Gemma Bird. It’s a newly created, freshly, regularly updated travel/devotions blog that centres around Gemma’s recent move to Canada. I love travel blogs, they are always filled with funny little stories and tidbits of wisdom. I also love and miss Gemma, so this blog is perfect.


Hello – my name is Steffany and I love blogs.

Through the ease of google reader, I follow 46 blogs. And I follow 40+ on tumblr alone. I really love blogs.

I’m super super excited to introduce the latest blog that I’ll be following. I really love blogs and I really love this girl so I know I’ll really love her blog. That is a lot of love.

Introducing.. I Heart Photography.. A photography blog from the one and only Rebecca Whitecross.

Bec is one of those people with many talents – but isn’t too keen on flaunting them to the world. She’s subtle with her skills. I’m trying to beat the subtle out of her.

Photography for Bec is a way to escape life, experience life and also to express it. While this blog is only three posts young – I know you’ll love it.

Love Steffany.


Every now and then I go through a phase with my blog.. where I get very dissatisfied and the joy of writing seems to wane.

I think part of the reason that I find it dissapointing is that I feel a good blog often has a theme to it. Like a fashion blog might have the ‘what I wore today’ aspect, something that bloggers come back to read cos they are kinda expecting it.. and I find the need to want a theme of sorts. For a while I tried the ‘monthly summaries’.. and for now (because who knows whether I’ll ever repear this again).. my new segment is “Introducing..”

Introducing The world in Colour a blog by Georgia Harvison.

As soon as I realised that Georgia had started a blog, I think I actually jumped with excitement! I typed the link in so quick and did a quick overall perusal and then got into the posts. Only 5 posts young and I want more out of this blog.

I think Georgia is extremely talented, intelligent, fashionable and I just knew I’d enjoy a blog from her. So many people start blogs and never follow through.. and it is hard.. you’re talking to 5 years of picking up and putting down  and picking up the blog. I hope Georgia is a dedicated blogger – for my own selfish reasons. She should probably get a tumblr too, so I can see all the fashion people she’d follow and then I could follow them too!

All my loving

Websites I’m really enjoying lately..

Jimmy Choo

Readers of my blog should know by now that I’m a pretty massive Jimmy Choo fan. But I’ve actually never really spent tonnes of times on their website. Maybe for good reason. It makes me a little bit depressed at how lovely everything is. It’s on my list of things to do before I’m 30, own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I don’t know how I will ever afford it, but it’s still a goal. Part of me feels like a superficial ditz who is really too obsessed with fashion and fashion related things, the other part thinks.. no.. this is beautiful art, not just shoes.


I found this website the other day. It’s just a bunch of articles in different categories, but it saves just googling around looking for things. It’s meant to help de-clutter your life and help out etc. It has yet to really influence my life in a meangingful way, but it’s good for something different to read in a lunch hour.

The Sartorialist

Most fashionista’s (never used that word before in my life) would know about this one. So so very good. And such regular posting.

Toni Snell Photography

I think I’ve linked to Toni Snell’s blog before, but it’s because I really like her. My best friend Bec is getting married in 2 weeks and Toni Snell is her photographer. I think it’ll be kind of like meeting a celebrity, I get really star struck and make a bit of an idiot of myself. Because I’m such a fan of her work I think it will be a little bit like when I saw Hamish and Andy. I was a real idiot.

The Cherry Blossom Girl

This site is also a recent find but I really love it. From what I can gather, the author is the model and she’s just stunning. Really romantic sort of clothing which is the kind of stuff I just love. The pictures are also really beautiful, great settings and poses etc. You should take a look! The only real bummer about this site is that a lot of it is in French. It makes you feel cultured though, there’s also a translation which helps!

Stuff Christians Like

Always a favourite of mine. I love good Christian humour. It’s hard to find, but this is definitely it.