I’ve been pretty slack lately and haven’t been changing my desktop much less uploading my desktop pictures.. but here is today’s desktop. Christmas orientated of course. Because I love Christmas and I love this picture. Sure, it’s not my fireplace.. but it sure is pretty.

Desktop for today

Desktop for today

Things I love

I’m naturally a negative person — so every now and then I try and remember all the¬†great things in my life by writing crazy lists like the one you are about to read.

Things I’m loving at the moment:

  • After tomorrow, I only have 3 pieces of assessment left for the end of the year. 1 year down — 5 to go!
  • My mug I got from Jess Greenwood for my birthday.
  • That Designing Women is this weekend — I love it when our church does something really cool
  • Tupperware — my order arrives today!
  • The Office – The American Series
  • The weird but wonderful spring weather
  • Entering competitions – I have to win something someday!
  • Bec Mumberson, Nathan Whitecross & Boardgames

Desktop of the day:

Rain, hail or shine

It’s pouring rain today.

It’s pouring so hard that it woke me up this morning at about 5am. Normally anything that wake me up before 7am (including my alarm) I don’t like. But it meant today that I got to fall back asleep to the rain.

Earlier in the week on one of the perfectly lovely days of sunshine that we get here in QLD I remember saying to a colleague how ‘today is just one of those days you’d prefer not to be in the office, and up the coast somewhere’.

And today I had a similar conversation. ‘Today is just one of those days you’d prefer not to be in the office, and still in bed watching movies and reading books’.

Either way we find I find a way to complain. Perhaps I am in the wrong industry.


Desktop for today::