I’m surrounded by very gorgeous things in life. Here are only a few of them.

Books! I find them so unbelievably lovely. I love to read, to get lost in a story. And film does that as well. And I never want to underestimate how beautiful television can be. But books! Books let you create a world. I love to imagine things. I love how words on an otherwise blank page – let you dive into something completely different!

Friendship. I think friendship is truly gorgeous. True friendship means accepting a person exactly as they are. It doesn’t mean they don’t mess up, that you don’t mess up.. or that there isn’t a certain amount of hurt. But it means you get all of what the other person has to give. Good and Bad. It’s actually unbeatable.

Shoes. Actually no surprises here considering my ongoing relationship with shoes. Specifically high heels. Lately I’ve realised that I don’t actually wear high heels that often. Not like I used to. Perhaps I just got lazy, and then I got into a habit of wearing flats, so heels seemed really difficult. I’m making a committment to wearing heels. I’m actually short, heels are drool worthy and I love them – so it will be worth it!

OH sweetness. His word is actually SO good. One that I’m loving at the moment..

For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. 1 Cor 14:33

This resonates with me so much because I love the thought of viewing God like an author. His peace is beyond compare.

Fashion. It’s actually really gorgeous. So much is unwearable. But I love to look at it all the same. I definitely see it like art. How someone makes something like that out of mere fabric.. well my experience with a sewing machine is very limited. So it impresses me greatly.

Ah.. Nature. Love it. If only you weren’t so hot and I could get out and enjoy you more. I need to go and spend some time on a rug on a pretty hill and just be.

Gorgeous might seem like an odd word choice, especially to describe something like God’.. but really I think it’s perfect.



1. splendid or sumptuous in appearance, coloring, etc.; magnificent: a gorgeous gown; a gorgeous sunset.

2. Informal . extremely good, enjoyable, or pleasant: I had a gorgeous time.

Choo Choo

I don’t just love Jimmy Choo shoes. I love Jimmy Choo everything.

Don’t worry. I drooled a little too.

9 to 5

Lately I’ve realised how long it’s been since I’ve been shopping for work clothes. Way too many of my outfits are interchangeable and I’m realising how much I’d like more of a distinct work wardrobe. I need a trip to Portmans I think.


Well.. at least I can look of pictures of what I’d want.


Fashion Week

I loved a lot of the stuff I saw when browsing through the Ready to Wear collections. But mostly loved a lot of Chanel stuff so thought I’d share.

Apart from the fact that all the models need to eat a cheesburger more frequently.. just love this  line. I rarely love love anything that’s runway.. but this is just beautiful.

Image Source: Harpers Bazaar


2 weeks ago I started watching Alias and I’m already half way through the entire series.

I’ve been using the work photocopier to print out uni notes.

I actually had a dream the other night about Zac Efron.

Sometimes I worry that I think a lot more about clothes and shoes than I do about Jesus.

But.. I really do love Jesus.

Really going through a stage where I appreciate my girlfriends.

I really enjoy snacking on frozen peas.

I hate most heeled ankle boots.

Right now. I’m loving tumblr more than I love wordpress. But at least I’m honest.

Last week, I think I had a maxibon ice-cream, nearly every day.

I miss reverb.

I miss my best friend.

I honestly don’t like any boys – but am struggling not to flirt with randoms, like the Subway guy.

For the last six months I didn’t display the correct registration sticker

I believe in a thing called love.

I’m yet to complete anything off my List of 100 things to do while I’m still Single.

I listen to the Jonas Brothers.

I’m shocked when I get uni marks back and I did well.

My showers always take more than 15 minutes. Sometimes 20. Every day.

I care more about what is right than what looks right.

I think Laura should be getting paid for her blog and Emily should be getting paid for her art.

I often forget about other people’s feelings and focus on my own.

I like writing about myself.

Winter Cocktail

I’m going to a 21st party tonight with the dress code winter cocktail. I’ve been thinking about winter cocktail and decided to google. Results:

This is basically everything I would rather be wearing. Even though I can’t own them or wear them, being able to glimpse at these delicious options.. is better than nothing at all.


Every now and then I go through a phase with my blog.. where I get very dissatisfied and the joy of writing seems to wane.

I think part of the reason that I find it dissapointing is that I feel a good blog often has a theme to it. Like a fashion blog might have the ‘what I wore today’ aspect, something that bloggers come back to read cos they are kinda expecting it.. and I find the need to want a theme of sorts. For a while I tried the ‘monthly summaries’.. and for now (because who knows whether I’ll ever repear this again).. my new segment is “Introducing..”

Introducing The world in Colour a blog by Georgia Harvison.

As soon as I realised that Georgia had started a blog, I think I actually jumped with excitement! I typed the link in so quick and did a quick overall perusal and then got into the posts. Only 5 posts young and I want more out of this blog.

I think Georgia is extremely talented, intelligent, fashionable and I just knew I’d enjoy a blog from her. So many people start blogs and never follow through.. and it is hard.. you’re talking to 5 years of picking up and putting down  and picking up the blog. I hope Georgia is a dedicated blogger – for my own selfish reasons. She should probably get a tumblr too, so I can see all the fashion people she’d follow and then I could follow them too!

All my loving

Websites I’m really enjoying lately..

Jimmy Choo

Readers of my blog should know by now that I’m a pretty massive Jimmy Choo fan. But I’ve actually never really spent tonnes of times on their website. Maybe for good reason. It makes me a little bit depressed at how lovely everything is. It’s on my list of things to do before I’m 30, own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I don’t know how I will ever afford it, but it’s still a goal. Part of me feels like a superficial ditz who is really too obsessed with fashion and fashion related things, the other part thinks.. no.. this is beautiful art, not just shoes.



I found this website the other day. It’s just a bunch of articles in different categories, but it saves just googling around looking for things. It’s meant to help de-clutter your life and help out etc. It has yet to really influence my life in a meangingful way, but it’s good for something different to read in a lunch hour.


The Sartorialist

Most fashionista’s (never used that word before in my life) would know about this one. So so very good. And such regular posting.


Toni Snell Photography

I think I’ve linked to Toni Snell’s blog before, but it’s because I really like her. My best friend Bec is getting married in 2 weeks and Toni Snell is her photographer. I think it’ll be kind of like meeting a celebrity, I get really star struck and make a bit of an idiot of myself. Because I’m such a fan of her work I think it will be a little bit like when I saw Hamish and Andy. I was a real idiot.


The Cherry Blossom Girl

This site is also a recent find but I really love it. From what I can gather, the author is the model and she’s just stunning. Really romantic sort of clothing which is the kind of stuff I just love. The pictures are also really beautiful, great settings and poses etc. You should take a look! The only real bummer about this site is that a lot of it is in French. It makes you feel cultured though, there’s also a translation which helps!


Stuff Christians Like

Always a favourite of mine. I love good Christian humour. It’s hard to find, but this is definitely it.


Fashion your seatbelts

I would never proclaim myself to be an expert on Fashion, or coming and passing trends. But I do love fashion.. and so here’s a post totally dedicated to it.

High Waisted Jeans

The first time I ever remember seeing a pair of high wasted jeans was on my best friend from high school. She was always about 2 years ahead of the trends, and I remember thinking she looked like a complete idiot in those jeans, but I knew they’d be big the moment I saw her wear them. I have to say. I’m still not quite convinced when it comes to high Waisted Jeans. I really kind of hated them when I first saw them and I still don’t wear any. (Except for with long tops, high waisted are amazing for getting rid of the whole hipster coin slot issue) I do however think that if you have the right figure, you can pull them off.

Things I’ve noticed about High Waisted Jeans: Don’t have them too tight, a muffin top isn’t attractive at any point in time, but especially when you decide to tuck shirts into jeans.

Mischa Barton

Gladiator Sandals

This trend took a while for me to get as well. I couldn’t get past thinking these kind of sandals were meant for Jesus. And then there’s the whole, cankle issue. But I feel.. the trend has lasted too long to ignore it. I think the best kind of gladiator sandal is one that has buckles of some sort, but zips up at the back. It’s a pain to have to do up that many buttons. I also think everyone should invest in a gladiator wedge. It’s like the dressy version of a gladiator, and is perfect for dressing up an outift. I have a flat pair and a wedge pair. They are great. I also think a great alternative for those worrying about cankles.. is sandals that have the gladiator look to them, but don’t actually cut your ankles off..

Ankle Boots

Gross. I don’t think I’ve ever really found a pair that’s nice. I’m not even sure super models pull them off, let alone Payless Versions that you see all through winter. They make me vomit less than they did 2 years ago.. but every winter I see these things come back in.. and I get depressed.

Favourites favourites from Fashion Icons:

Little Black Dress

Ah the LDB. It’s probably the most important fashion piece in the world. Yet it’s surprising how many of us don’t have one. The LBD can be worn a hundred times over, with different shoes and accessories and ribbons and belts. It should be flattering, classic, sexy but not slutty and you should be able to wear for both seasons.

Rachel Bilson

Black Stiletto’s

Never has a woman been so in debt to a piece of footwear. Heels instantly make your legs look better. My favourites are obviously, Jimmy Choo %Christian Laboutin.

Anne Hathaway

Investment/ Luxury Bag

The one thing it’s totally okay to splurge on I think. It doesn’t matter if everything else you are wearing is from Target. If you’ve got a beautiful luxury bag.. it doesn’t really matter.

Alexa Chung

Evening Gown

Normal people don’t really need these very often, but it’s still fun to dream.

Hilary Duff

Leighton Meester


Vanessa Hudgens

Reese Witherspoon


Everyone should have a good trench. Even if you don’t live in a freezing climate.

Mandy Moore

Rachel Bilson